reys mixtape part1

starwars day to day


David Lynch’s ‘Return of the Jedi’

the making of lightsabers

F+*# Off

Yeah i think i remember that bit in the real starwars yes. yesss.. Never ceases to twig my whiskers. Good ol family guy.

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Party rock Cantina Band

May the Beat be good with you lol

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starwars crowd {force }sourced!

1 million hits and counting

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day in the life of a stormtrooper

“Follow my project with CClones 365-2011 on Twitter | Facebook A picture every day for the year of 2011″

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meanwhile at George Lucus’s skyranch

furious upgradingz via editingz!


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mean while in the Dagobah system luke skywalker does creepyness

yes but its also a ‘jim ‘l fix’ it clip from my childhood ..ahh the memories ,the simpler times when no one thougt this was creepy unlike now in our lol-meme filled woowooweb world

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via skullswap

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new starwars geriatrics wars

whoever trawls the intertubez for this stuff must have the patience of a saint but when they find a clip like this amongst them the feeling of its all been worth it must be a strong one.. which i would imagine would spur that person on to produce the …

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Star Wars VS Barry Manilow…

ever wanted star wars to be made into a parody for copa cabana? Listen…

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kid Darth does VW ad

some of the coolest ads still come from vw, no change there then.Super adorbz, super cool.the money shot is the look at the end , genius!

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moviemagic,when specialfx were actually special

remember watching these as a kid? great shows,amazing what work was invovled in making special fx in far back as silent movies and gone with the wind to starwars ,you know in those days it was named special for a reason! Continue reading

starwars the saga trailer bluray

coming in sep 2011

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snatch wars

(NSFW or Kids -Language)gonna watch it this weekend..been a while.. gotta get me some east london action. sit down shut up & enjoy some of this you big bald f**k :)

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starwars posters reimagined

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new hope in newyork?jedi – jayz

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

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