sega outrun + lukemillion light & sound

my GTA V panoramas


Though Id see if i could keep the camera static and move the in-game camera around whislt in the blimp ; for some 360 panos ,and you know what, the Galaxy S4 in panorama mode actually tracked it well enough to make some panos….more to come

my Burton bindings, lets make more betterrrrer mod


Just did first major part of respray of old bindings to make better snowboard fasionista lifestyle.  look at project link for infomatics,  I thank you please.

party rock inspector norse

just like the cantina band version lmfao + disco heavy track ‘inspector norse’ from todd Terje does work indeed ! treat has been served.

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possibly! who this space as they say lol

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leo and keanu strutting after knox

heres one from piklz to you  ..enjoy

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they be hatin on my facebook car

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internet is rebooting,please wait

sometimes i think im just creating a poor mans tumbler here ..chris nolan of inception fame  should reboot the internet or somink cos it needs something.. or maybe it just needs a lick of paint ?magnolia would be nice unless you prefer just white.. i dunno.. maybe i need a…

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kitteh replicant

i want blade runner in 3d please thanks ,make it happen ,somebody

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derper,yes, but in a scarier way.. i really should not be doing these…must work.

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