[Tutorial] Moving your installed titles from RedNAND

reposted here  incase its gone from reddit….. This isn’t anything new, just a reminder that it’s fairly simple to actually migrate to SysNAND from RedNAND. Many poor souls still trapped in RedNAND setups, killing their SD card’s life cycle. These old users were told that RedNAND was the wae, and…

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NESmini classic add more games hack

click image to jump to page with more info!

wii shop menu remixed ..!

found this on my tumblr travels.. nicky flowers.. i like this mix!its not leaving my brain domain.

youtube goes 60fps!

what better than to use mario kart 8 as its test.. which is so mental with its eye candy laser retina burning powers.. topped off at 60 fps.. its the only way to melt your mind!

killer instinct: the history hour

meanwhile in japan… Kyary Pamyu Pamyu says hi to nintendos new 3ds

zeldas back for 3ds cant wait for this edition

still one of my all time fav snes games cant wait for this new

i scream for 8bit/16bit title screens

cool little site showing the console game titles of yesteryear in all its animation glory via le power of le GIF!

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wii uuuuuuuuu FFFFFfUUuu

oh god. i love niintendo..but you know they’re-from-the-future cos they know no ones gonna drop a tablet screen controller on their hard wooden floors are they(…?!.. eek) or why havea 25gb consoel with no bluray?my 5 year old wont care for hd nor 5 hours of hd cutscenes! and what…

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play gameboy games online

  fanx you interweb for give me play the gameboy in your systems

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ZP does 3ds review..

we all know where this is going.. :)

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mario verse

http://www.hypebeast.com/ can i get a WANTWANT ,, yeah bouy .. da da   :ta ronsk http://www.shoesmaster.jp/blog/2011/04/28-84.html

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pica pic brings retro lcd games

  I think ive found the coolest website going this month not only is it stylish but its got those gameandwatch games faithfully rendered in flash( the onesthat kept you going as a child in the 80’s till that console-in-a-pocket ‘the Gameboy’ came out ).go play http://www.pica-pic.com/#/donkey_kong_jr/

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bbc talk to Shigeru Miyamoto about 3ds

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nintys 3DS a little to “3d” for this dude

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camera + ds = DIY Interface Cable

DIY Interface Cable. mega racketed imeges ahoy . now all your ds+hdr needs have been fulfiled9ok you still need to make it mind you) Nicer than nice mod using arduino setup and an old ‘wario twisted’ cart(big enough room inside for this hack ), now with uber tutorial details and…

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nov18 wii gets iplayer

bbc states wii channel for iplayer coming to its shop as a free download click pic to read more about it

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wii newsupermariobros copy protection

new copy protection?? seems to have been added to nintendo’s latest release no loaders work and random timeout errors on modchips have been noticed so far… update: fixed you can use wilflow beta rev 20 or neogamma on unpatched iso(look in gbatemp forums for disc patching how to if you…

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mario galaxy quick review

v good, I like it (even better if your 8+ years old)

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WII remote jacket ..get one now ..its free!

Just to remind anyone who has a wii your entitled to get your free remote jacket (in the uk at least not sure about other countries) by inputing your serial number of your console on this form If you have purchased one recently you may well already have one as…

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