recalbox + kodi setup


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emuparadise on google will get you some roms apprantly

prerequisite :

I used an sd image …

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worlds smallest donkey kong arcade

not official -yet, but who knows.. I’ve not seen one yet this amazing and this small!( I guess if you find a portable console smaller than a gp2wiz that can run mame then you’ve won the guiness book of world records prize – once you’ve built it of course!?)

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piklz first youtube clip

and boy is it crap¬!;)

but hey you know , you wanna see this awesome device at work by the name of SLG 3000 scanline generator (review here)! you gotta show the peeps ,even if its a tad hoky,gotta have …

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mini arcade cab for yur unused netbook

so must build this for my lonesome unused netbook,

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