awesome kids toy techno mod mashup! Masami Hashimoto

more info here

meanwhile in japan…

whats the tail spewing out lol hmm lychee milk with almond extracts..hmmm sooo gooood..good for your in and your skin

japan video game music trailer

DO your ears a favour and go watch/hear

super tokyo 360 panorama!



apparently second largets photo ever made like this. the detail is staggering

france i need some merry-go rounds on my powder blue runs!mmmmkay

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beat the crowds this christmas..

sure beats hanging around behind some slow ass people..gonna get one ..

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samurai skillz pays dem bills

360px; width: 500px”> not only has he got the skills to pay the bills even if he cant pay those bills what ya gonna do….!  

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culture japn. ,take it away danny choo

season 1 round up of culture tv by danny choo… Japan is awesome i like this colourful site like what danny is doin over there..wish i had his job!

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meanwhile in japan

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tokyo mango blog , shabu shabu?

I like this blog alot, go check it out if your into wierd and wacky posts from the land of the godzilla!

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