3ds XL luma/a9lh Custom firmware tips


some tips and help on the page here

pandora box v3 investigations


o2 charge £15 a month for a txt file..tethering fail

you can setup tethering without the cost by installing a mere tiny mobile config file which o2 would normally charge you for if you didnt perhaps pass by here or the site in question which lets you install this : here

VISIT … Continue reading


upgradings on your xboxings

from their site: ” ..new feature will give complete access in reading and writing of X360 NAND BIOS FLASH, and developers can finally start their experiments on the FIRMWARE OF X360!!” ..picture of flasher after … Continue reading

“…psp dead, gameover man”.Mr Hudson chillz its all okaiz..

hudson from aliens

ok, I was bored so I bricked my phat psp while playing with the flash 0/1 area
basically the green light stays on and theres no life …until you make a jigkick battery and memory stick that is !! Pandora … Continue reading

resurrecting consoles from the dead – zombie style! coming soon


More to come on my succesful bringing back to life of the consoles I have broken, I mean my DS was fried, found three spots to fix – only needs a new power switch now but I may add a touch button … Continue reading