raspberry retro entertainment tips

Heres some tips on how i got my recalbox (emulation station+kodi) setup for gaming remotely via nvidias gamestream (moonlight) and retro consoles

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oh xbox [email protected]£429 too much maan… 3do was twice that nearly..

and lets not forget those crazy laserdisc modular machines.. heres the list of #fail consoles from the past

Scanlines! &Android emus by Robert Broglias

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Played a few emulators by various authors and I seem to be leaning more and more towards Robert Broglias(@rakashazi), not because its got a fancy gui-it hasn’t, in fact it’s rather rudimentary. But all is forgiven because it has one secret weapon (ok not that secret its in the settings)…

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pocket neogeo (a new one )

pretty neat .. supposedly official licensed product just not in full production . the sd card slot looks useful for future games( ;) ) 1.WORLD HEROES (ワールドヒーローズ) 2.ULTIMETE 11 (得点王 炎のリベロ) 3.TOP PLAYER’S GOLF (トッププレイヤーズゴルフ) 4.SENGOKU (戦国伝承) 5.NAM-1975 (NAM-1975) 6.MUTATION NATION (ミューテイションネイション) 7.LAST RESORT (ラストリゾート) 8.KING OF MONSTERS (キングオブモンスターズ) 9.FRENZY (フットボールフレンジー)…

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