Man vs Snake the twisted tale of nibbler is out now! has all the streaming links there or just search for man vs snake on Netflix!

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gameandwatch art : Emma semmens


from emmas tumblr:

In the early 1980s, my mum bought the Snoopy Tennis Nintendo Game & Watch; twenty years on it was mine. I loved it: the two games were simple but challenging and I was good at them, and it looked great. The visuals consisted of black images that looked like they had been stamped into the screen against a half-assed colour background, and if you tilted it the right way against the light you could see the shadows of all of the game elements mapped out perfectly. The liquid crystal display allowed only for pre-defined movement with very satisfyingly limited animation. It was so simple, but brought two generations a lot of joy.

The image features elements from all eighteen of the widescreen games – can you spot them all?

I made this for Creative Gamers’ recent exhibition at Juno Shoreditch, London.

your Monday reminder of why your youth was great!

Heisenberg says do it ,you do it . serious business now 7days left to get the Nibbler film of the ground!

comeon kickstarter fans and fans of arcades and documnatary films!lets get it over the 53$k threshold! so we can see if tim mcvey or will it be Dwayne Richard (a renowned Canadian video game champion. ) get to keep they’re world record billion+ score on The Nibbler

Barack Obama won another 4 years thx to mc hammer…

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hot drinks , really get me going alright…

you know you be singing this in your head whilst waiting for some idiot to choose which croissant they are going to have with their caramel frapochino.. its kinda catchy..maybe a bit long for a training vid.. i mean, i didnt realise it was so complex a task making hot…

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Deus Exs augmented protagonist & 80’s wild child Adam Jensen doing the DANCE:)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution‘s augmented protagonist Adam Jensen busting the sweet 80’s groove, he sure can dance! song:  Men Without Hats‘ 1981 New Wave hit The Safety Dance ps – probably  dlc oneday + 13.99 dollars too.! (its just tomfoolery no worries!..hopefully this makes up for no friday playlist lol)

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piklz friday playlist

Hello all .Haven’t done one in a while .. back to some electronic sounds. lets put some com truise ‘in decay’ album on for a spin. Its doing the spotify features rounds; listened to it and loving it so much its the focus of this weeks playlist. With its dreamy…

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