slg3000 v2 scanline generator

SLG3000 v2 ( with builtin on/off switch)

SLG3000 + finalfightdoubleimpact on xbox360 @ 640x480p

Heres a screenshot of an xbox360 arcade game remix of an old capcom classic arcade game in hd ; looking more like the
original arcade with scanlines, what a round da houses this is!-sweet

SLG3000 connected to an xbox360

Since this is a respectable port (and also available on mame in its original form so we could compare them later if we wanted)
,thought it’d be a good first test of an hd signal feeding the SLG.

Before we go on you may need to know about scanline doublers/upscalers.. i wont delve too much into that here
its been done well before ,but if that interests you or your wanting to know more about connecting older consoles like pcengine/ sega megadrive|genesis /supernintendo then check this article first

This xbox arcade port with its additional graphics options gives you the feel of what it would be like playing
final fight, standing over the arcade screen with all the scanlines ,corner bleeding crt tube look,which is great idea, possibly taken
from the latest mame port, with its post effects options to roughen up the image quality to make up for our pristine hd lcd monitors -feeling more
oldschool in – but with SLG3000 it kinda doesn’t work and we don’t really need it!
So I chose in the options the ‘classic’ video options to remove all fancy post effects. and left it widescreen like my xbox output is set to.

  • female sockets both sides (needs male <> male vga ext cable )
  • variable scanline intensity knob (from nothing to hard edges)
  • supports 480p & 600p settings via dip switches (also tested at 1280×1024 works at this res also albeit with finer scanlines! nice!)
  • has red led for power on status
  • great built quality, easy to remove casing with the possiblity to
  • add your own power supply(not that it’s really needed for most setups as its powered off the vga) will show you a neat way to do this v soon
  • reasonable price for adding amazing crisp arcade-style visuals to your old and even newer hd based games
  • a must for users mame setups that are not quite powerful
  • enough for hlsl generated scanline post effects or wish to have the perfect look every time direct from the source

only issue so far is not managing to get it to work with gfx card with dual link capable dvi-d outputs ,even with ext power
the device would’nt output to the monitor i guess the dvi adapter could be the issue will try some others… update:FIXED see below

Haggar looking the biz with some scanlines

outrunSP running on xbox360 1280×1024 output to monitor with finer but still lovely scanlines

and heres cropped view of the number plate-put the arcade look back into your hd games

sf2turbo hd remix also @ xbox360s 1280×1024 upscaled res ,as always with the xbox ,but the SLG does a good job producing some fine scanlines makes it look retro

Update: tried another dvi-to-vga dongle and it now works! def use the one that came with your gfxcard first . its safe bet it will work( I’ll update this with an image to what dvi pins did what ,so you dont get stuck like i did)
and without further ado heres some mame photos in action below >

crude dudes i remember always had a nice chunky rgb look about it in the arcades :mame @ 640x480p the right pic looking like a nice crt tube even though its a dell lcd

MAME + SLG3000 @ 640x480p input/output

marvel super heroes @ 640x480p via mame looking especially vivid-click for larger close up view of how clean the signal looks even with meters of vga connections Im using to connect this together!!

more to come ….stay tuned inc adding an ext powersupply component + usb powered.. what you waiting for go buy one immediatly HERE

spidey looking like he’s getting a beating .


 next page shows the dvi dongles to look out for.. amongst more games in action

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