sd2snes [snes bkup cart] review

STILL BE UPDATED come back every so often Ill have more here thanks
new version out for firmware! v1.6 click here to jump to bottom of this post to see changes 


Just arrived this week (after many months of hunting a shop that had in in stock ,retotowers done the deed again and sent it out quick!) and giving it the run thorugh on my ACE (hah remember them!part scammers part genius brothers) ! modded region pal super nintendo.. so far so good but  no instructions that i can find.. so I made some dirs (which ill show later) and its booting some games and the special dsp enabled ones like mario kart and pilotwings


but first I need to un mod some of the stuff done by advanceconsolesentertainment  from way back in the day.. the rainbow ribbon is cute but it was always too short.. time to remove and put a proper rgb cable pluged into the back as normal; also the cgatovga convertor needs soldering/setup so this can all be play-tested on a lcd monitor..


some success at last with rgb cables and cgatovgaconverter board with this modded pal super nintendo running @ 60hz in no small part helped along by a syncstripper network added to the cga boards cables  (but has since been replaced by the rgb scaler king the xrgb-mini framemiester! more on that later and screenshots) Still need to find out why I don’t see anything from a pure unmodded jap ntsc super famicom…no menu nothing..i guess ill have to rewire the ntsc rgb cable i modded..


check ^ review menu for more on this rgb unit


  • freezing menus: Resetting the system resolves the problem, but occasionally it will freeze just seconds after being reset.?
  • when i reset it goes back to game not the sd2snes menu: its fine, just hold down the reset button longer ,say for  2secs, this will tell sd2snes to not reset to game already in ram but straight back to main menu !

try going back to 0.1.4 firmware? latest 0.1.5 def does this  for me>i think im going back to 0.14 its too unstable in the menus and the changes in 1.5 dont affect  many peoples setups.


firmwares here : latest revision:



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