Megaeverdrive backup cart v2 edition review


Megaeverdrive v2 (blackedition*)    * coined by me!


updates: os2.0 is the current  os firmware  (march 2015)
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With the already amazing v1 (check my review here) still firmly seated in my megadrive,one would have no reason to think therewould be another version released anytime soon -when  the previous version works so well.Because of this  I almost missed the post by krikzz about his newest edition to the family..

if you want to keep up with any post check the forum here (where krikzz often responds)


MegaEverdrive v2 brings in a few new tweaks and featurres to add the cherry on top in terms of compatabilty and ease of using saves ; at first glance it pretty much looks the same , even works pretty much the same  -loading megadrive roms almost instantly into your real megadrive hardware with the least complicated menu and ease of use(armchair swapping of titles anyone! )


Whats the Difference between v1 and v2 ??

Advantages of Mega EverDrive-V2 compared to Mega EverDrive-V1:
• Battery RAM for saves. It allow to save without need to push reset.
• Better compatibility with clone systems.
• Improved hardware design and reduced power consumption.
• Improved software.


most obvious change is now i can have and sd card on top of the cartridge without it sticking out anymore..v2 cares not for large sized sd cards ..microsd only from now on.


Why would you want to buy this even though you have v1?


Mainly because i have just got into megacd for the first time ever and its meant to have better allround support and better saves use .(Also in case one fails i have a bkup of the bkup lol)

Another quite useful thing is the power draw, being that its supposed to use less ,it could allow it to run on the original power supplys that came with the megadrive. ( I couldnt with v1 so I had to buy a 2A powersupply to get it to boot up properly) now you may find that  it  works well and boots up fine with the original PSU.

Also I’ve noticed its very snappy in the menus and when megadrive is reset its goes quickly back to the page you was on (as opposed to going back to root folder again) when you selected that game.. i cant remember the v1 doing that (or at least that quick) maybe im wrong?

Lets also remind ourselves of  the current and new new features

• Supports 99% of games from SEGA library
• 128mbit (16mbyte) PSRAM.
• 120mbit (10mbyte) max ROM size.
• 256Kbyte Battery RAM
• Firmware update through SD card
• FAT32 file system supported.
• SD cards up to 32GB.
• Instant loading (1-2 sec).
• Built in audio playback. WAV, GYM, TFC
• USB port for homebrew development and for future features.
• In-game menu that allows access back to menu system without leaving the sofa.
• Snapshot Saves.
• Regular game battery back-up saves.
• Genesis, Mega-drive, Sega Master System, and 32X games supported.
• Hardware MEGAKEY.
• CD BIOS loading.
• CD RAM cart feature.
• Cheats feature. Game Genie and Play-Action Replay format supported.


Heres some closesups of my megaeverdrive’s  internal board..a thing of beauty you’ll agree (the i❤ sega ..very nice touch !)


Heres the Megaeverdrive v2s menus  in action




Where to buy?

Many thanks to retrotowers for delivering it to me super fast( I Bought  many items from retro towers in the past and I highly recommend ordering from them as customer service is great and dispatch is fast!

I’m told its now being shipped out from retrotowers as v2 even if the image is of v1 you’ll actually receive v2 edition in the post ,sweet!

its now called Mega EverDrive X7

Buy it @ retrotowers while its still available

Krikzz megaeverdrive v2 page (own shop)



Updates: latest os is v2.0

pdf manual for v2 

click here for latest os/firmware  updates >>  

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