the asus Titan! workstation rebuild /review


The mighty Beast,its actually quite a slim formfactor and very near silent & quiet! Even when playing dx11 games ! quite incredible really, although bit lite on freebies is an understatement, no games nothing…:( but its got shuusssssh powers!UPDATE2018:still works almost 5 years on and still playing triple a titles very well at 2k



  • june 2018! now it has 32gb(since 2015) 500gb ssd from samsung on cdrive (2017/18) and second raid 4tb added (2014/15 onwards) *and the h80i pump is still pumping !!! its been on for 5 years practically(the pc is either idle mostly or serving plex and a few hours a day ; games get played using the gpu and cpu proper ..) ! amazing really ! I think the warranty is 5 years for the corsair  h80i water cooler so thats pretty spot on!!And still working well thus far.the cpu and nvidia titan has sure paid for it self!
  • March 21: Received usb3 front header cable to get usb3 on front of the case! read below.
  • workstation has been built have some tips to write down here in a mo..and been testing tomb,crysis3 ,sniperelite nazi ,and gta4 so far running very stable +4.5ghz vcore 1.4    > new pics uploading ..
  • ongoing post updates everyday till weekend so keep checking back till then ,


I might as well call it the Asus Titan as its the main factor in all this speed- board is the standard model but great overclocker and the Titan using the included software allows some decent overclocking over the 1000+ ghz range and the ssd is just a sweet icing on the cake , i blink and windows is waiting for me to log on! its that fast.


The Hardware

  • Asus motherboard P9X79
  • Intel hex core i9730k (full unlock on all cores) six core 3.2ghz oc to 4.5- 5+ghz,
  • Asus GTX Titan 6gb ddr5,
  • Corsair H80i watercooling block – with my custom selected 2x ‘gentle typhoon‘ fans instead of the included ones much more quieter)
  • 16gb corsair Dominator platinum 2400mhz ddr3
  • corsair 240GB neutron GTX sata 3 (sata 6gbs latest top end ssd they do, ie not sandforce!new lamd chiset and fastest on the block other than say a samsung pro)
  • corsair 1050HX 1050Watt ,modular power supply (update read ‘changes’ section)
  • windows 8 pro (software also installed : acronis cloning tools ,steam ,benchmarks like final fantasy,unigine,capcom residentevil6, asus suite2 for oc ,asus titan speed tweak)..never had corsair stuff before lets hope it lasts.Asus GTX Titan  is very bare in its accessories no free games no bundles etc , just a power adapter and a dvi to vga .. lol oh well but the card exudes quality & its pretty thin ,is of  solid construction and very quiet in desktop mode i cant hear it ,when it’s pumping out graphics its quieter than my old gtx 280oc ,very quiet,so far Titan so good.


just doing burn-in tests at 4.5ghz now ..

current full benchmark burn in temps corsair pump wm

first time using a water-block cooler and its so far a boon ,simple ,quiet & massive overclocks now achievable,and the included software allows custom rgb lighting or temp based lighting! this pic shows it on full benchmark mode temps looking good




unigine valley/heaven holding up well on benchmark loop, so far and the Titan still makes no noise in fact the powersupply occasionally powers up and sounds like a turbine! I hope the sound dampening case will sort that out otherwise it might have to go back!

Escpecially when running the heaven ,valley and ffxiv tests ..

ffxiv wm

running prime95 100%cpu 12 threads + uniheaven benchmark running smoooth mostly over 70 fps and almost always with vsync at 75hz(i have a funky old dell to test on and it manages to go to 75 ??)  at around 4.5ghz.. and stock Titan clocks (although windows says 3.5ghz for cpu not sure why)

The time now has gone over the 10 hours mark of burnin  so system is doing well so far…bring on the case!

stress test cpu prime95 wm

Thanks to Kevin and co and yoyotech for helping me with a couple or things I wasn’t sure about & suggesting the 2 GentleTyphoon replacement fans for the water-block . quieter whine for same rpm. And also the corsair neutron ssd which I didn’t know or think i wanted but now after seeing the speeds (and slighty persuaded by kevin..)am very happy to have spent bit more on a top notch ssd. It flies around 500mb on as ssd tests enough said.

One thing noticeably missing from the   motherboard pack was the usb3 female headers (on the board it self )so I could connect usb3 headerscables  from the case ; thereby having usb3 drives externally and conveniently  .
Basically most boards tdont cater for the usb3 ext stuff soldered onboard ,you have to have a usb3 cable from the case already with usb conected or with a typical motherboard header shaped thing,normally the cable to usb3 headergoes out and loops back in to the case,fail.iknow not very subtle or tidy.Its just how they do it ,the idiots!  I found one from on ebay for a few quid double header female as the R4 case supports two on the front and comes with male usb3 headers double back to back, arrived pretty quickly and not i can connect it to the board and it looops out of out into the front case connectors ,picture to follow



Tweaks and Afterthoughts

corsairs hx1050 powersupply unfortunately exhibited the coil whine issue immediately when runnign benchmarks  -its pretty annoying only the super loud fan can drown it out .. well apart from sounding like a dying mouse its working .. but i think ill be swapping that out for the higher model the AX1200 watt beasts ( i cant work/play with that! )  will also be controllable via corsair link software.
So fans can be tweaked and temps checked upon. Yoyotech knowing the crazy system I’ve been building have seen that coil whine is a problem although random as it may be i dont want this its not they  confirmed that they would honour the swap for free  since im upgrading too .Excellent Ted! more info to come..



Complete time to play

more build picks/tests + silent case install  to come this week including crysis 3 ,tombraider,maxwell render,fluid sims tests & now pCARS thanks to my m8 for sorting that out !!


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