switch hacks and homebrew

switch hacks and homebrew 5.02-5.1.0+ setup



running linux or homebrew on switch 5.02-5.1.0 is now possible!
current firmware 5.1.0 working fine with this hack (Fúsee Gelee) technique




jun 15:  checkpoint 3.3.0 works great on 5.1.0 and has more ui juicy ness 

Jun 4th : ctcaer’ payload Changelog:

  • Sleep mode now works on 1.0.0-5.1.0

may 23th: cannonball-nx released! Outrun hd for switch!!nice1 MVGamer
may 16th: added tegrarcm usb dlls + checkpoint how-to tips (joycon tools link)
may 15th: – ‘checkpoint’ nro link added ,good backup tool for saves with a nice ui! More pics of emu running + botw saveeditor online 

may’2018: will try to keep this updated





if your already on 5.1.0 youll need some new sdfiles to get the hb to load but you can still use/launch ctacaers payload to rcm with your pin/foil jig just the same!


forum post discussing he updating of the pack of files needed to start the initial rcm payload process


continue the vids of links below to learn how to launch payload file and launch the homebrew menu from where you can further launch apps like checkpoint and games like doom /cannanball etc







LETS START : things you’ll need:


some useful videos  to get it working with cheap foil:

Copy files from sdfiles.zip to root of your sd card.
Load payload.bin using fusee gelee or using nxloader on android mobile.

I used the android way as the windows10/pc couldn’t see the RCM mode at all prob my usb drivers or anti virus it screwing something up much like the issues with nes mini hacks had back when/

web fusee way or tegrasmash/rcmGUI  you’ll prob know its working ie rcm mode, if you see the switch labeled as ‘ APX’ in your device manager or web popup window this means its now in RCM MODE ready for payload!

Web fusee payload launcher(mac linux etc not windows :

for example using the nxloader app on android way:

Basic paperclip will do or watch the videos do try the foil way

  1. switch’s pin 9 + 10 of right joycon side slot needs to be shorted via foil or paperclip pin technique or anything small metal that fits there
    pin 10 is the pin if your looking and holding your switch to play its the pin furthermost away from the screen ie the back side of switch
    …pin 1 for example is near the screen side.
  2. launch nxloader on your phone and go to config and load the payload f.bin file..plug in your usb/c cable to your mobile and your switch now
  3. hold down vol+ and power till the nxloader app pops up a windows saying to connect (the switch if correctly in rcm mode, ready for remote payloading, should be black screen not have nintendo written on it etc)
  4. (still black screen) it should now say to click ok to allow usb to android connection it will flash briefly on phone with a log output and then you’ll see a tiny menu on your switch screen>
  5. use the vol up and down to go up and down and power button to enter the item you want
  6. IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE your NAND BKUP YET DO IT NOW click power button  on ‘tools’ then hit the raw emmc nand bkup option .. if your using ctcaer’s payload version for smaller sd cards it will check your sd to see  if it can fit on small sd cards by chunking in into parts for later striching back to a whole file !or use the normal one he did which if your sd card is big enough, ( i used a 64gb sandisk) will attempt to write the whole 30 gb on card   .you will get a nice rawnand.bin that’s 31.268.536.320 bytes

    GRAB HIS PAYLOAD TWEAKED VERSION HERE and use it instead of the one you got as standard with sdfiles.zip etc
    changes here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/rcm-payload-hekate-ctcaer-mod.502604/
    from CTCaer:
    Notice 1
    : Users that only have a 2GB or 4GB SD card, use the hekate-ipl_ctcaer_1.2_GBparts payload.
    Notice 2: If you have an unfinished partial dumping and want to start a new, delete the partial.idx file first.
    also rajkostko Binaries available at https://switchtools.sshnuke.net to further decrypt /read emmc in windows/ grab more data from the nand for later restoring or general hacking away inside at your stuff do all these things here and youl lhave enough data to save our switch one day !if you need it! cos you nintendo wont guarantee they can…as many folks have since found out..
  7. now back to cfw payloading..select first option which should be already selected and press power button to enter  and then vol – to go down tocfw’ hit power button and it will then flash the payload very quickly.
  8. next time the switch shows the nintendo dash frontend you can now go to the album button and click it as this is where your the homebrew menu lives temporarily ..  if not you need to make sure you copied on to your sd card all files form from sdfiles.zip and loaded the payload.bin (dont worry your album hasnt gone for ever -on reboot it will be back..)
  9. now go install some more ‘nro’ (apps) via the switchbru site or github links like the ones below repeat the procure again (as stopping powering off or removing whilst swtich is live will cause the cfw to stop or your switch to restart..) so yeah tedious but when it works its working well.
  10. if you are manually adding apps on a pc or mac for instance then just make a folder in the root of sd card (if not alreayd there) called ‘switch‘ and place your nros or folders with the nros/apps inside them here





I suggest getting the ‘appstore’ by vgmoose from this link above onto your sd card now so that you can install alot of apps directly from your switch now and in future and not have remove update reinsert nonsense!


WHY bother now wait till proper cfw permanent?>?

because i dont want to lose 20 hrs zelda save files or be ransomed by nintendo to pay a fee for cloud saves when saving your own saves should be free and local as well!! also emulation and one day..hmmm..cart on sd backups so no need to carry a ton of carts with you!.. who knows.,.

remember if your remove sd card or power down or sleep youll lose access to the homebrew(temporarily)

(the album button will launch as normal and show you your system images + sd images once restarted ) you’ll have to repeat procedure again to get back into homebrew.. this is an annoynace for now but soon enough the fimrware modders will fix this & we can have it stay resident  even when the system powers off..will update here to reflect any major updates I find…



Checkpoint working on 5.0.2(has since been superseded-jun15th check above links):

saving and restore testing …



pfba arcade roms working well so far 

FBA  –  14GB


Out Run (sitdown/upright, Rev B) Marquee

from legend MVG /LANTUS :

cannonball-nx is  port of cannonball the ‘outrun arcade’ engine which brings modern features to the arcade game

mvg/lantus has  realised the binary today (may23rd 2018)
Download nro here:


features inc hires mode,widescreen scanlines many fixes much more..




faq | extra tidbits


some apps dont launch?

Retroarch will not work past 3.0.0 unless someone port it to libnx (..or libtransitor gets updated to support higher FWs…) when devs get thier apps updated for libnx and 5.02 then more fun will be had!but its early days yet



My actual cart/  eshop games dont launch now.. ?

I had this while i was running the HB cfw.. for some reason would just show the nintendo logo black screen but game would never launch maybe it was due to having a homebrew app running before hand or maybe a bug im not sure yet….once i rebooted the switch and cfw was offline the system booted all my eshop digital titles and carts too! phew!




Zelda BOTW online save editor :


gimme horsey!! and 1000 mushrooms! and a wooden stick more powerful than a steel blade!

At the moment its 1.4 Zelda compatable ..although the site reads 1.5 botw it won’t seem to add the values so maybe an update to the website will happen soon so 1.5 botw versions can be  changed. ?



How do i transfer my save to another users game on the switch using checkpoint?


  1. If your system has only you as its user make a new user now to transfer your save to(think if it as copy and pasting your save like your would on a pc you you will essentially have two saves running independently via 2 users or as many users as you wish)
  2. run the game once with the new user selected so it can make some nintendo save dirs.. and just exit back to home after the game loads a sec or 2..
  3. (run rcm fusee payload now)
    now in checkpoint you’ll see list of games pick the one you want bkup(your user profiles game ) press A and then ‘new’ on the next panel choose A again once it shows your the name editfield you can leave this as is.. then  choose backup
  4. next repeat this for the games you want backing up.. now to transfer to another user on the system >
  5. run payloand cfw again to get homebrew up,
    run checkpoint again.
    list of games should now have double entries for the same game ,your profile and your new users profile ,this is good,now we continue..
    pick the game you backed up earlier but choose the new users name instead..
    highlight this entry and pick your save bkup entry from earlier(which should have your name at the end ), on the right panel ,and then hit restore.. and done ..Restart switch and launch game with the  new user profile as if by magic your playing your save game with another users profile!


jun 15th: latest checkpoint(3.3.0) working well on 5.1.0 and ui is improved now for multi users icons more stable improvements amongst many other tweaks.


I used save mii mod  to backup/restore from wii u


grab here : savemii mod

Place the botwsaveconv app in the root of dir where option.sav is. Run the app press y to convert. You should see this as above if correctly done.(Bkup original files first somewhere as this will overwrite)


  1. we need to convert the Wii-u save file or it won’t work on the Switch.
    (Make sure both versions of BotW have the same update version ,currently 1.5 i think..)
  2. put sd back with conv save files into switch sd >  run HBrew then checkpoint ,choose game and save user to restore back to
  3. if going from switch to wiiu use savemii and restore to ‘allusers’ or a specific user

You can also to the inverse and change a switch to a wiiu ! Same process as above. Can verify that it works.

Download this app:

more info here on gbatemp forum


Joy-Con Connector Pinout reveres engineering (just for some lite reading lol)

https://github.com/dekuNukem/Nintendo_Switch_Reverse_EngineeringAlt text




GUI switch RCM inject payload for windows pcs

since the fusee web mode is kinda not for windows yet you can use andriod phone or if you dont have that use a pc with this tergrarcmgui app comes with drivers now for the apx usb ,

https://github.com/eliboa/TegraRcmGUIPnganother gui way to install trigger the  cfw payload onto the switch for windows .. !!now with added apx drivers (inside folder ) prob no need for zadig usb driver setup now..

if for some reason its not launching the app it may need the usbk.dll files in the root ..i had this issue the only way it worked (after the driver install) was to place these diff usb dlls i found on web into root of app folder wher you lanuch tergrarcmgui , grab them here:( it would then launch fine!)

Version: 1
79.2 KiB



joycon toolkit


havenmt used this since i first changed my coloours a while back now with added predator(lol) and pro-controller grip support! this tool is great! read more about it on gbatemp blog

download from github : Joy-Con Toolkit v5.2.0



more of the same but forum gbatemp





 dump emmc firmware (incase it dies ?!) but on a small sd card?

Use this payload instead of the one in sdfiles.zip to emmc dump your system in chunks(  it even works on 4gb sd cards!automatically writing in parts ! also if it sees you have a large sdcard with enough room ,it will dump the emmc in one go .




if all goes wrong youll need something from here


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