samsung galaxy S2 fix (water)

in other words don't drop it in a toilet and you won't need to do this!


amazingly tiny motherboard ,just incredible really..



Battery what happened there? you may ask? Well I warmed That too but only on the account of the oven being off from full heat and cooling down, definitely not something you wanna heat up! .. More like drying the humidity out..

Also if you have sound mic issues you may need to remove those parts and wash separately and dry them.

Also thanks to ifixit’s sites teardown of the Samsung gs2 I managed not to rip the tiny buttons for the volume and Power switches ;they’re stuck onto the case , so you can prise them off gently with a screwdriver tip first before removing mother board.

Then I cleaned (with some ethanol/alcohol) the USB port which always plays up with funky overcharged errors, now thats also cleaned no more issues there either!

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