Rick and Morty custom xbox one controller

the brokens bits /prep work

The paint job originally came about due to the fact the analog stick had the drifting issue.. which in my case is the grey plastic clips which easily break if pad dropped for instance (they assist in holding the sticks bar down vertically).. so I thought if im going to the trouble of opening this pad its worth doing the design while I wait for the parts to arrive.,.. but in the end instead of buying the analog stick part  i tried a tie clip fix (fingers crossed it will last) and a bit of hot glue and went on my merry way to paint Rick Sanchez


the Painting hour


Gotta prime the plastic if you dont things peel off eventually.. firstly by sanding it down with 600 wet paper (didnt have pic for that part dang!) then using car grey primer with a couple of fine coats 5 mins apart is fine..

img-20161112-wa0005basic sketch with the pencil then a base foundation goes on first ( im using posca pens the trusted colour graffiti paint enablers!).  I was going to colour it all in but the grey suited the other design elements that will follow (the thumbstick colours); sometimes less is more.. The matte grey with sanchez’s grey face works well.!At least for me! 00_portail4_0

20161113_111155Once the base colours are on the fine black lines go on whats great about posca pens is the mistakes you make can be easily painted over by the pens.very forgiving just dry it first before you overpaint any problems.



more or less ready for the final gloss protective coating this you can be generous with i’m doing about 4/5 coats but fine coats.. I don’t mind it not being shiny glossy but i do care that it will withstand my sweaty gow4 slaying!  Now to sign it and add his famous saying and put the thumbsticks, with theyre new shade of blue, back to together with the electronics and hope my drift fix trick works….20161113_154249


the Rick pad


decided to keep rick-hair-blue for the thumbs too20161113_19464620161113_194324_001



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