raspberry entertainment system (kodi,emulationstation)




if you want to read about  a setup using
dual boot kodi/recalbox setup on recalbox v4  click here


Recalbox is in beta but already a great image to use if you want the best of entertainment it combines kodi and emulationstation in a single sd image ;using only a pad(although keyboard and mouse for setup is briefly needed or via SSH terminal to set wifi ssid and passwords for example)


It has a web server page! go type your raspberry/recalbox’s ip address into your chrome browser and up pops the admin web page pretty nice thing to have;you can upload roms and bios files directly without a pc or ssh ,very useful sometimes!

recalbox WEB

Nice addition hopefully expand further with more options available

,but also if you need top delve around put the same ip in your windows folder address bar like so: \\ and you’ll be able to browse the network for rom and screenshots  directories among others- easy enough to add new roms add  a bios etc

or if you need to configure more deeply or access the other partions or run commands use a terminal app like putty

  • (using putty from windows to use the terminal)  login:root password:recalboxroot
    cd ..
    (goes back to root dir) ls shows dir ,nano (basic text editor ) , cp rompath newpath copies file to place (use these to change settings and roms etc
  • or put the ip address into the folder address inside windows explore to explorer the dirs and copy games over really simply no need for ftp etc
  • bluetooth dongle +ps3 pad works fine  even 2player (will try others xbox one pads wired should work also with some added steps to enabled in config)
  • you can have av output with a couple of changes to your config file in /boot dir
  • built in overclock setting (1050mhz) < so better have some heatsink and a 2A psu for prolonged stability
  • kodi works well with pad ;once initial installation is done you will only really use a pad from now on which is great


When I mapped the [ps3] pads I used the snes configuration as i started using the console first so my pic below is based of that setup.

ps3 pad keys recalbox

you can have hot key on select but- which is the default way apparently but ps3 has extra home button so i used that instead

I have a ps3 pad but its not working or crashing 2player ?

if you have a ps3 pad setup(i have many spare ps3 pads so i decided to make use of them but they were cech models..uh oh but there was a fix i found on the recal forums ) and if its not working look at the back does it say “model no cechzc2u”…

…Then you need to update the config line by adding an extra line at the end of ‘controllers.ps3.driver=official’ you can log in to the manager pages on your browser(use your ip address in your brower) and save it there (dont forget to tick the ‘backup box’ before saving)

## Please enable only one of these
# -------------- D1 - PS3 Controllers ------------ #
##Enable PS3 controllers support
## Choose an driver beetween official, shanwan and gasia if you have dualshock clones (official,shanwan,gasia)
ps3_sixad_version = CECHZC2U

you connect the cable once for a moment and then remove the usb cable ;press the ps button and it will search for the bluetooth and then will see the led stay on num 1 .. it should now work.

what i would have liked is to have kodi separate so we can install updates or just to keep things lite on recalbox (but still have the connection so when you close external kodi it will go back to recal emulation etc.. well someone has done this already go here for images http://www.matthuisman.nz/2015/11/recalbox-kodi-dual-boot-images.html#more)


my moonlight setup doesnt pair or function?

What’s is moonlight?it’s nvidias game stream service ported to rpi!

Play your pc games like witcher3,gtav,fallout4 or any steam game you have in fact -on your TV !

Let’s start:

Need a pc recent NVIDIA card and GFE installed .

I use putty SSH connecting to my rpi2 ip address and using login:root password:recalboxroot
(GFE=geforce experience  – ill say it like this from now on)

Once your  logged in putty terminal at the prompt type   cd ../recalbox/scripts/moonlight/

I’m using 3.3.0 beta 17 and finally got it working (under win10)

I ran the command ./Moonlight.sh pair < change this to your ip ..boom errors..no popup in windows neither.. next thing to try to fix this issue you can try restarting the streamservices here: right click on them and restart.

recalmoonlight Image 2

*dont do the ‘NVIDIA display driver’ …* do the other three)

If you can also logout and relog in and also switch off the windows firewalls or any antivirus type apps just for now.. and retry the command above again in bold

run     ./Moonlight.sh pair

(with GFE running on pc) you should see a small popup window in your bottom right of desktop, using the code echoed from the putty ssh  terminal add it and press comfirm in windows .it should be done and no errors.. no to initialising the gamelist …type the command in bold

run     ./Moonlight.sh init

you should see this which means its almost done!

Fetching games from …
Scraping games …

When its finished scrapping you should hopefully see a set of named files in your roms/moonlight directory like mine here:

recalmoonlight Image 1

Like jay z says if your having problems I feel bad for you son i have a moonlight.sh file thats second to none! Get mine here has a few little changes taken from changes i found on the recal forum devs which may help you if your scraping meta  on games doesnt work well enough..grab mine at bottom of this page

almost forgot.. you can also map your buttons by adding the map parameter  ./Moonlight.sh map 


How do i setup scummvm roms?

lets use Broken Sword for the example download the zip(search google you’ll find it pretty easily) extract it and you’ll have a folder called Broken Sword if not i think it matters not much just name it right -what ever, it needs a file  inside directory so it can be foundby system- sadly  this you need to create ;a file,a simple .txt file with the short-name-of-game+scummvm format  (no.txt ext needed)

so in the case of our Broken Sword we need to write this file as sword1.scummvm   (save this with no .txt)
place it inside the main dir and copy the whole folder into your recalbox’s rom/scummvm dir
  ,which should look something like this.then youll have a new menu appear after you reboot and scummvm will appear with the broken sword visible in the list search for your file and launch! rinse and repeat for other titles

recalmoonlight Image 3

This is how it should look like in the final dir structure,works a treat its so fun playing old lucasart games!


Damn it whys my sega cd games music not working[but soundfx do ?


no sound only effects? try sdl instead of alsa sound setting

You might hear the sound fx but not the sound in some games .. well I found a way around this .. seems that the retroarch settings for sound on picodrive is on a setting like ‘alsathreaded‘ when I changed this to ‘sdl‘ and restarted the game it brought the  music back ..dont forget your ‘roms’ should have a cue file in side that dir…in said file (view with text editor) it should list the iso and the wav files in a list type format ;if it doesnt, dont expect the game to launch or find the music!)

if you cant find the option  in the gui  its the same as changing  retroarch.cfg to


issues i have so far (3.30beta 17) favs dont save between reboots (it seems that this will be finally sorted in v4.0 heres a vid showing whats to come in v4 recalbox )  certain things not default like av output,cech ps3 pads. ,frontend states more games available [segacd for example] even though its really only 2 in mine. no reboot option in the web server admin pages (more of a request really).
its no hyperspin , but that works in its favor its lean and quick and works mostly without a pc or major setups!

so, looking forward to v4 then!!

recalbox   mini how-to


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