xbox360 repair|modification

originalbatch xbox360 repaired from the RROD (3redringsofdeath) !:

  • mini ram heatsinks (with adhesives) to cool the ram/chipsets(optional)
  • 32 metal washers | 16 rubber washers (or nylon ones but I counld’nt find any!)(required for cpu+gpu mod)
  • 8 m5 flathead/cheesheadscrews (I decided to do both the cpu and gpu)(required)
  • some artic silver/heatpaste and surgical alcohol/pastecleaner to clean the old paste(required)
  • a drill (with a drilbit to match the flatehad M5 screws to enlarge the orig xclamp holes (required)

!step by step info  or visit llama .com
as I based this mod on their tuts and its very readable.

(sorry about the picture quality -they were taken with a sonyericsson
phone with no flash so they ended up a tad blury )
  1. once the box has been taken apart, get your driller with a drill bit to match the ?M5 screws.. and from the metal shroud ,drill through the existing xclamp holes to make them large enough for your new scews(clean any filings that come from this drilling or you might fry your box later once its all closed up & switched on!)
  2. next get some sticky tape to keep the enw screws in place stick them from the back side of the metal casing ..with all in place stick the tape across them..(we will remove this later ~once the ehatsinks are on)
  3. place two metal washers onto each screw followed by 1 rubber one.
  4. once you’ve done that to all 8 screws and place them into the motherboard,on the other side of the motherboard continue to place 1 rubber washer on all screws followed by a metal one..this completes the order ,now you can place your heatsinks back on .. but ..!
  5. first paste the heatsinks with a very thin layer of artic silver paste or equivalent ..then place the heatsinks on top of the screw sets making sure metalwasher touches the heatsink not the rubber washer!
  6. tighten them on all corners slowly to evenly lower the heatsinks -when it starts to be hard to turn them – turn each one individually real tight ..this helps prevent the cracking of the cpus by pputting to much force on one corner
  7. take the fans and plug them back on to the board and connect the cd drive and its sata cable back place on side on the fan over the smaller of the two heatsinks this is to cool the cpu but not cool the GPU this is due to the heat sensor in the cpu being triked into thinking the xbox is fine and it continues to allow the gpu to get hot and not shutdown ..this will allow the solder points of the gou to reset ..
  8. to do this just place one fan side down onto the cpu heat sink but away from the gpu heatsink ,then leave it running a game for 10mins ! make sure its not longer as you may burn the damn board!
  9. now you may get 2 red lights light up near the 10 min mark .. all is not lost its prob ok, just place the fans wrong the right way to cool both again.. it will make a lot of noise thos fans but dont worry we did want to cook th after a further 10 mins cool down either using the fans(quicker) or by leaving it switched off.
  10. the next time you boot up it should come online with 4 green lights yay! if not continue to tighten a bit more on all screws and reheat through the prev steps
  11. hopefully you should now have a 4 green booting xbox 360..dont blame us if it died though!

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