pandoras box v3 hacks


So the first thing I wanted was to see if I could replace the sd card with my own and clone the partitions without triggering an error. . Using usb tool I cloned the original and put it back in and it worked .so now I have a back up in case one ever corrupts



theres also some clones about… some look square-shaped ? others like mine (apparently real ones ) are shaped like a ps4? Looking at the dirs i cant find a way to find a list.dat or something to change the list of games.. 20151117_220739looks to me like the emulotar file expands the dirs into a  /tmp dir and puts the boot.avi and various other files ..seems like some compiled into one package type obfuscation :( i know its a bit beyond my scope to hack.. 20151117_200920 all i can visibly access is the avi intro videos and the rom zip files.. but if you try to rename a new rom zip to one that already exists it just freezes when you launch that file… oh well… but not alls lost if you can get a cheap clone version the guys over at can help you access and place a new list.dat file to add a whole host of new and previously hidden roms to your pandora..


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