piklz Bataleon snowboard Metal Slug custom skin !


designed it so that when the binds go in thier ducky stance you can still see the main characters and fun backdrops

designed the graphics so that when the binds go in their ducky stance you can still see the main characters and fun backdrops even with dodgy printing offsets.which in this case didnt happen was perfect size good job epicboardskins

The quality is astounding  I cant fault them

what arrived:

  • squeegee plastic to aid in wrapping skin to board to remove bubbles etc
  • some brand decals also in 3m vinyl
  • correctly printed to the correct dimensions as I stated

Today is like christmas – In delivery terms that is.So many little things I ordered arrived at once.whoot :) .   The one I’ve been looking forward too is the snowboard skin I designed . Which finally arrived from canada . Searched many sites for board skins  but the one that looked like the real deal was   epicboard skins.com  .

Now I dont work for them (im on the otherside o’the planet Mister) but this will sound like a biased review regardless and you’ll see later why. The quality is astounding  I cant fault them . here we go peeps.

first job is the  need to remove  the other vinyl decals and dirt build-up thats accumulated over time. and wipe it down with medical alcohol.

Epicboards over in canada, I noticed were using 3M printable  vinyl (this is the real stuff to be having I tell you ,I only ever try to buy 3M material ,its just the best stuff to wrap vehicles/snowboards/helmets even!  things which go outside basically ,)  this kind  can be printed with whatever design you wish and its weatherproof, kinda handy really since this board will be mostly under  alot of snow:)

Now they do have a neat little app on the site to let you design one on the fly and it will be send to them directly..also using pixlr editor(which is like having a free photoshop inside your browser!)as its toolset if you need to go beyond simple shapes or clipart. As I have been designing  my own arcade recently using MetalSlug arcade game sprites as my source ,I had a practically ready made large enough sized image to cater for  a snowboard sized project.(in the arcade post ill delve more into how i did the design which might be interesting to those who love sprites +16bit days+photoshop)

With a bit of jiggling the layers around & characters , reworking some titles,I managed to knock up a 160cm rectangle board sized version of what will also be the theme for  my custom designed control panel for my arcade unit one day.( So in essence your seeing here a sneak peek into some of the major design elements of the final arcade design of the cp which will be posted v soon)

But since the snowboard came first in the ordering process it got metalslug first!..And boy does it look great in all its 3M vinyl glory  .


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