my Burton bindings ,lets make more bettererrrrrr

Long story short , fluorescent yellow is the new black (or is it blue)…


My second hand bought Burton C02’s (2006 C02’s) were in need of a rethink/new purchase, not only were they already a bit scratched up from the  previous ebay owner but they lacked the new look or  a fresh coat of colour.. tattered black is boring me now; I was in the process of customising the snowboard graphics (more on this soon!check back here for link) and thought why not change the bindings too. Out with boring park-battered c02’s say hello to eye blinding colours on the slope.

I had first decided upon vehicle vinyl to cover the bindings with but soon realised its quite a slog due to the very tight angles on the bindings. Wasting more vinyl wasnt worth it,but spray paint could actually be quicker and give better milleage in the longterm.

Theres some great colours out ther from plasticote and rustoleum . i found the flourescnet section drawing me in like a moth.. so i choose yellow high glow matt + the uv/sealent protector in matt clear . And not forgetting the matt primer which will help cover the strong gloss black of the C02’s and brighten the yellow that bit more.

current progress 

……… disassemble…………>…..masking……….> …….prime./yellow coats……… >……clear uv sealent coat…………. > ……final curing…….>………reassemble …….>>—-final pics.DONE.


the usual suspects



glow in the dark still might have a use yet,but the first three are for keeps-

I placed the cans in a basin(or bucket if you want) with warm<>hot water to aid the flow of paint (so says manufacturer ) as I was in the freezing cold this made shaking the ball in the can that bit easier.. and I say that its been super easy layering the coats of each can-no spitting or weird sized drops so itsa definite good thing to keep them indoors or warmed up in water whilst waiting for next coat type .

P.s use some latex gloves and 3M nose/mouth mask -even in a well vented area is was potent …


Bindings begin

Here are the bindings with separated parts before the vinyl test which decided in the end not to go with.(but for decal/area masking its quite a useful thing to use instead of tape as it removes cleanly)

20130111_153111 20130111_153021


Before it got totally covered in day-glow yellow I decided that the 3M vinyl leftovers from my first attempt still had some use left in them.. so I heated them up and stuck some onto where the burton logos were situated on the sides so that later-on once I peel it off and the maksing tape I’ll  have a nice black glossy  shape on each side showing the brand whilst the rest was super yellow.



air free vinyl tech.thats the funky pattern on the underside

20130111_163315 20130114_105045 20130114_160151 20130114_160206 20130114_160301



come on barbie lets go parteee.


So we start with covering all the delicate foot sponges and b3 gell areas -dont want paint on those! And trimming with a hobby knife the  tape along the soft gell part round the back heel. After removing all screws and toecaps / ankle straps we’re good to go for the first coats of white matt primer.




I love the smell of aerosol in the morning



first coat should look something like this barely on but do many of these to prevent dripping and get a more even white as the gloss black is v strong and will be seen under the yellow.


3 -4 light coats later its looking pretty matt white but lets do some more



You had me at ‘hello.’or is it yellllooow 



No your eyes / camera aren’t deceiving you this time! The first coats start off bright like the flourescent pens kind.

but after several coats it will get a bit more  colourful,also looks glossy here in this pic above  – thats true at first application  – but soon appears more  matt as it dries ,just do them very thin but many coats looks better, less drip marks etc



about done i went with about 6-10 coats cant remember by that point i think i got a bit high..fumes..arhhhh


Once one bind was mid way thorough its final yellow coats , now would be a good time to start priming the other bind ,this way you keep your cans a shakin and the paint flowing helping keep the nozzles from clogging and getting an even-lookin layer in one swipe. (keep about 20-30 cm away).

When one dries you do another coat on the other and rince+repeat until they’re both  in full killbill  yellow ! Your then ready for clear matt coat of uv sealant to protect the colour from uv/weather -dont forget its going to be under snow and sun-rays most of its life after all!



when one is priming the other gets another yellowlayer when thats drying back to another layer of prime,keeps the cans flowing ,less clogs – more done!



last minute addition to the mix.. lets cover those  cap-screws (primed and yellow and uv sealed)! They will look great over the black straps.


each bind got about 5-7 prime matt coats followed by 5-10 yellow matt high glow coats then finished with 4-7 clear matt coats 

and dry overnight to 24 hrs for full curing.


will add pics of uv sealed finished bindings  when I remove the vinyl areas tomorrow …. to be continued  (current progress in bold)

……… disassemble…………>…..masking……….> …….prime./yellow coats……… >……clear uv sealent coat…………. > ……final curing…….>………reassemble …….>DONE.


Update: Still curing but indoors now on a radiator to speed things up




Burton avengers assemble


its starting to look like a binding now .. all it needs is a bit of 3m di noc carbon fibre vinyl where the old metallic heel trim used to be.(they were too damaged to be worth putting back on )





heres one trim cut out of 3m di noc carbon. its taking shape now.



this pic is more true to how they look in person colour wise but in the low dusk sun it should be real visible like the flash pics below  show -just not that crazy .




heres hoping the carbon strips withstands the powder conditions


mega bright with flash oops



so thats it more or less.. things id tweak in the process are even thinner coats done over two days not one,(cant help rushing it along..)

so instead of buying a new pair for the flashy new season colour bindings , just spend some £15-25 on spray paints  (my binds needed some vinyl for the trims so that might add another £10 and half  day + night of painting and curing and you have some slick pair of binds for your next hols.. cant wait to get on them and see how they look around 330pm on the mountain when  dusk approaches !

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