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I will be also posting here  up on project announcement page in arcade forums

UPDATES / hardware /software

[aug 2014] : nintendo white t-mold trim added ,just running it like this for a few months to see if  this colour wins  over the blue trim.. alot of hyperspin updtaes means its all a bit unstable and still needs a lot of work[software].

20140817_180320 20140817_180312_1 (Large)


[march21 2013] : this month ill be constantly adding things every other day .




Small setback in that the pacled64 board I bought 2 years ago( but only tried to install it this year) failed and started doing strange things some not lighting up, working 60% of the time everytime etc lol.
But an email to Andy from ultramarc where I ordered it from  and  quick as you like he sent me a complete new package  no questions asked! ,unbelievable service! Took 2 days to arrive ,amazing .Had  slighty diff wired power cable on inspection and the new board booted up with my lights first time..Seroisly if your buying anything id suggest getting it fro mhim hes the one to supply you with trackballs and light guns and all the gubbins you need more to follow…

[march 2013]
Heres asneak peak of the cp design and also the plasti dip blaze blue painted bevel for the trackball not sure bout the colour but since its plasti paint i can just remove and try a diff one!


soon ill be able to upload the full pic and the name ive chosen for the- as you’ve already guessed ,metal slug themed cabinet/marquee…..


Heres a pic of the cosmos black metallic paint I chose for the cp only (not sure about doing this for the cab itself would take me months to dry lol not too mentione the cost of the car paint; its from a  BMW cosmos black range)..not the best sanding down of wood  as i havent had time to prep the mdf properly but it will do for now.

CameraZOOM-20130309160404205 (1)

oo shiny black!

finally got back onto woodworking.. as i built the cp mostly by eye and with very cheap cutting tools im now having to fill the gaps and sand alot…but its taking shape ,didnt scrimp on the hole tools they are decent smooth cut holes.


Primer(grey which is recommended for this dark paint) is applied and then some metallic black as a base colour maybe followed by vinyl wrap who knows.. more pics to come.. it will look special..!even before wrapping in carbon etc

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Noticed an app called hypersync is out 2.0 i think is the stable release and im not using it ,eek i need to check those forums more often .. so now im slowly updating some old wheel sets and all the mp4s for the game intros etc is on the way saving alot of space and so will be deleting the flvs soon!! why and how you ask? well if you like me and havent been checking hyperspin /emumovies forums of late .you would have missed the news that  on christmas day badboybill released hyperspin 1.3 !! with some nice features that were meant to come out in the elusive and hyped up 2.0 release; heres the additions:


Added mp4 support  <<YES YES YES (at last using hypersnyc now means getting all this is a breeze)
Added wheel smoothing for crisper wheel graphics and text.
Updated flash player to 11.
Added last system support when restarting HyperSpin.
Tried to fix sound issue (untested)
Added PCLauncher support for HyperLaunch.


I’ve tested it and so far the flash intros are faster and seems less buggy hoping at last the random wheel-of-fortune endlessly-running mode wont suddenly crash like it used to.And of coure the 480p mp4s that have trickled into the folders are workign fast and higher quality /

just adding wii and gamecube themes/emus wherever i can find a head start even if i have to make some myself – totally forgot that they weren’t/didnt exist  in my list (prob due to it officially not being supported by hyperspin forum which is fair enough and also that theres a feck load already in there that ill never get time to play lol)

..more to come on piklz’s arcade adventures

last updated  jan 2013



its alive!!! well the pics are coming…. heres the cp button layout im going with kind part neogeo part streetfighter part eveything!and two buttons ontop for coin and 1p/2p


so I think I should so how the CP is going since i build the box in summer 2011 more pics coming….




[dec’12]summer was great for weather but also great in that i had time to get on with my arcade project ,cabinet designs have been drawn up(prototypes),full hyperspin experience is practically complete (minus a few modern systems like wii/ds and ps2 but thats ok i dont play them often its more about the older ones) and also ledblinky tests are on the go and so far looking like a discotheque  from the 70’s.  more info to come..and pics.


[aug’11]Here’s whats done so far system wise and rom set..and along the way I’ll be inc some tips to getting emulators working or workarounds as i find them.

getting ‘make paths contain backslash’ errors?

try using version “AutoHotkey104805_Install” and right

click on the hyperspin.ahk file and click compile.should do the trick



-works by using the (nonfree) v1.7.0.49

and in the options make sure you set on start

go to fullscreen otherwise it might get a black screen

Sega genesis/megadrive

Fusion set to mostly defaults and fullscreen

More screens tips and completion notes to come

Nintendo entertainment system

Nestopia again set to fullscreen after rom load

again leave the display settings on auto and fix a res for example 640×480 fullscreen and hyperlaunch mode on Works.

  update: prob better recommend switching to FCEUX although nestopia is working for me sometimes the return to desktop goes all crazy if in doubt just try FCEUX instead like others on hyperspin forusm suers  have done


bit tricky but the autokey version used above worked well set the emu lator up first and leave the tv out type to auto anotherwise it might flash up and disappear


every night i try to make another system work.. eventually all will function then i can concentrate on setting all the rom namings to the correct kind so that all wheel links in hyperspin will match its game rom and then to package it up into a super folder with everythign inside!thenBACKUP!!


taito type x/x2

ok this is amazing. To see so many games on this already -this is probably the most recent emulator to come out after the release of an arcade machine theres ever been? these are 2005- 2010/11 games here!! !?SFIV/AE ,blazblue , kofMIA to name but a few -this is fun times indeed



Daphne( laserDisk games like dragons lair,space ace)

this wasnt as hard as it appeared to look like when i had mixed up folders and .ini paths to correct but basically tthe daphen self updates then you just put the framfile.txt eg lair.txt for dragonslair inside the dir with all the m2v movie files.. read this post and it will make more sense as in involves also adding a vast list to your hyperspin.ahk file  daphneAhk_commands to add to your dpahen entries in your own .ahk file(dont forget to right click compile!) Ill add my setup scripts for daphne soon for really easy ref.


commodore Amiga/CD32  had some issues with this setup at first but soon found some addtional ahk commands on hyperspins forums which i added to the mix which  helped in the exit/esc button operation ,amiga emu wouldn’t close or return to hyperspin properly but now it does will post the .ahk file  im using now for anyone who needs it soon.




HYPERSPIN, on going art/wheel/themes/box/vid/titles, 80+%! taitox done wii started almost done
Atari2600, done roms, 99+%
sega genesis, done roms, 99+%  vids:mp4s wrongly named due to hypersync issues?cant sue it yet for genesis, other systems seem ok??
Mame, done roms, 99+% now at 0.145 +with full marquee +instructions+bezels +hlsl scanlines ! -sep2012
Nintendo64, done roms, 99+%
NintendoEntertainmentSystem, done roms, 99+%
Taito X, not quite but should be a .bat in a dir type affair roms, 99+% so far mostly the good ones available
Daphne, roms, 3 games so far downloaded the dragonL1/2 and spaceace are all i care for right now 20+% all done -sep2012

amigacd 32 launching correctly


3do                                               works better than ever but sitll needs some ahk script tweak as firs t dialog box still appears to want something then i need to use track ball as mouse to continue, then it will open and close correctly the next rom windows .. need to fix this but nice to see the original need for speed booting in only one click of mouse now ..




EXTRAS / hardware

marquee game graphics shown on each loading or selecting of a game in hyperspin(mame + other emus ) on  a second monitor – now there is marque magician 2.0 and it might not be the best it seems but  some forum links here and there will hopefullly be all thats needed to make sense  of it all   or i write my own one one day cant be hard?



http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?20635-Hyperlaunch-Marquee-Magician-runs-but-MAME-loses-focus   (ways to fix magician losing focus when switching)



 How to setup Ledblinky+Hyperspin and work first time!+ tips

this is jus ta note .. i will tidy this up and make it easier to understand
so if like me you want HS+mame[insert other emu name here] to have all buttons to cater all games + RGB led lights to flash to you the correct buttons used in the chosen game and in their respective colours (so its autentic) AND speak it to you via voice(built into most windows) then this is what i did,

  • first  this is critical if you get all the buttons right now inside mame and ledblinkys controllerinput stages the rest is easy to track down if a problem arises
  • assuming all buttons are wired up to ipac by now ,you go straight to mames player controls(general) and set each of your control panel buttons for player 1/2/3/4 to each option you want in mame ,so you click player1 start then click the button your using for p1 start on your cab, done; repeat for all buttons you have installed in your cabinet.
  • ..Then mame should know each and every ipac32 keycode now and they should be where you want them on your cabinet (which by default is ipac is mame  friendly keycodes but were just making sure! i happend to have diff keys on player 2 from way back  &forgot about them and so all my lights were not correct )
  • ..in ledblinky setting up each button to have each rgb port -will mean later on when you launch a game the lights should be correct first time(but only once colours.ini is filled in with the game colour list of your choosing using the led controller app)
    each button needs 3 entries so  3 labels for rgb lights per button so you pick a light port from the list you match that with what the button is doing on your cab press ‘quickselect’ then your arcade button it should register the button with your current config then give it  right click copy paste to the other channels for the button by picking whats left ( available ones will be blue +red usually) then repeat for next button location 3 lights, 3entries per button etc ,then once all are done for every button we have the ledblinky knowing which buttons are start coin etc each button has red green blue listed correctly and they have the right lights linked to them and we also have mame button config linked to the keycodes from ipac now when you launch a game for example 1943 you should see two lights red blue probably residing on p1b1 and p1b2 buttons..if not you need to make your colours list for that game..
    .eg i used the import feature to to find a  set i chose sf2 (streetfighter2) the buttons,  1-6 are used  int this particular game  others have one ,some none! and fortunately the game imported in with the right colours already done for me(think i donloaed a list of colours form the site) if not or you have your own game you want to customise you just click ‘new ‘ pick the button set the settings you want to add and pick a colour and say ok , and remember to click save (very top left)!
  • hyperspin is bit easier its probably already lighting something up or contraolling the wheels alreayd ifne, but just go through thew controls and reconfigure to make sure you just pick the player control options go either with default or click each section p1 start etc and press your real arcade buttons to map them to the hs frontend , this is useful as you may have admin buttons or like me using the favourites genre options in HS- it too can be lit up making easier to not forget how to reach those titles in HS.

ill have my ini files here to so you can see how they work once its setup may help in finding issues.. for example arzoo the dev of ledblinky showed  me that if i switch of demo lights and trackball in hs, it  stopped the annoying  bug that happens when holding down joystick to search for game all the way down the list which causes  ledblinky to flash the lights constantly and hang the app!! little things help alot even thought im still tweaking hs 1.3 has been running on demo mode stabily almost a day now in hours terms!so thats a million times better than the previous versions.. and lots of reading on arcade control/hs forums
so my ini settings(colours for games,buttons ) are nearly complete and a good base point to share here at some point which should help peeps too.. brb!

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