GameBoy dmg backlight mod+biversion

GameBoy dmg: backlight+biversion effect mod

more accurately im just showing the end results as theres already good tutorials of how to set this up ( I wanted a switch mode version and found this nitro2k1’s tutorial  which I followed)



using krikzz everdrivegb cart freshly delivered via retrotowers.



stuff you’ll need:

hex inverter 74hc86 ic (if you dont need to switch invert mode you can use a 74hc04 ic instead)

Single Pole Single Throw Toggle switch

backlight screen (

triwing screw driver( retrotowers )

philips screwdriver tiny one

optional stuff :

leds, blue, purple ,white etc( for power light)

colour cases,silicone buttons

lsdj software (for making chiptunes)

everdrivegb cart ( hold all your fav games in one cartridge !)

So here we have our biversion+switch mod effect: wpid-20150115_154339.jpg

with the polarizing film turned 90`degree anti clockwise which gives a softer tint nearer to the gameboy original green…works perfectly fine if not inverting..but we have the hex inverter with a switch so enabling that negative mode  we can invert the lcd..which means we should turn the film  90 degree clockwise..



This is the final result of the inversion process.. (i also removed the red led power light and put a blue one instead )


…which then gives you the sharper contrast look  (and a bluey tint on the out sides) < this is the one to have ;i think it looks the best and is super clear.

Now i tucked the backlight in to the screen and also added a switch i salvaged from a broken toy it was small and tucked away nicely into case)wpid-20150116_183131.jpg(after carefully removing the polar reflective backing with a razor blade) Iwent a paintin… using some paint pens posca types you can have fun creating your own image under neath the casing..suitably mario themed.wpid-20150116_180126.jpg
some tips i found along the way were grounding the unused inputs helps stabilize the chip .addin a 0.01uf ceramic capacitor across the 5v+ on the ic helps the noise ,getting the small smd ic versions would make for cleaner less stuffed case – but at the time i did mine i couldnt get one of these small ics ,so i squashed as best i could the large hex invertor into the top gap near the daughter board and power switch.


use lsdj or like to run multiple games at once…?>


retrotowers sells the awesome backup cart which can store every gameboy and gameboy color games ever made.Well worth it!


Alt mode

Here you can see the process as i added  inverter to the two data lines going from hex inverter to the lcd data ports… if you ground one of the data ports from the ic which would of gone to the lcd – you  get a super contrast mode where i think its inverting one layer of gfx back to normal whilst the other layer is inverted.. (pic 2) but i decided to not do this i like the fuller coloured in mario character (pic 3)!But interesting look to try for uber customizers out there

good luck with your customizing of the coolest toy ever! -piklz

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