Galaxy S3 case mod + 3m di noc carbon fibre

heres a quicky mod, got into the idea of car wrap vinyl form seeing all those bugattis and custom paint job[not paint. vinyls !i since found out] lambos.

So I got some of this magical stuff , magical you say ..why? well its works with heat and pressure, even if its crinkled up or stuck to itself ,a bit of the heat gun and it warps back to its original postion very cool.And this allows it to be fit into tight corners around 3d objects quite nicely and snugly as youll see later on.. So I thought to test this out( before someone allows me to let  rip on their car) with a smaller item that always needs protecting and that my friends  is my prized gadget the galaxy S3 . heres what you need:

  • heat gun (cheapo one will do $12)
  • 3m di noc vinyl wrap (or which ever 3m wrap you like? i liked the carbon feel as its 3d/embossed not just a graphical print as such). so its got good grip for a phone etc.
  • hobby knife /cutboard [optional again but its handy to tim the bits you dont want
  • [optional]3m Primer 94 or similar ( you dont need it in this case but big jobs with tight angled lips/corners will need extra help in adhering to the surface)


its already clean looking just cut a piece off which covers the edges to fit around and so allow the trimming with the knife later on


finished and looking good ,feels great. hope the edges holds up (didnt use any primer this time round as it didnt arrive in time)


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