canon 5d mk II lcd screen repairing

nurse prep the patient…

This was all started by the screen protector i placed onto lcd the day i bought the camera. the plastic protector which was meant to protect the lcd of this not very-cheap camera was in fact the killer of the screen ,how? well the adhesive on it over time deteriorated the lcd layers – not that i could tell? the protector worked well for years  no signs ofproblems but once i removed it to replace it i noticed it destroyed most of the uv /antireflection coating it once had,ewww looks terrible, so now it looked really damaged ,I was angry, i should have just left it alone..but it was borrowed time and eventually i would have had to check the lcd ..

as you can see the screen on the right is the original damaged one.The left is the replacement which after the protective peel is off looks amazing ?! no one would notice the difference

So you may have dropped your camera or scratched it real bad and didnt have a protector.. well fear not its all fixable given about 20 mins of your time & some heat from a gas stove or  hairdryer and a toothpick or case opener tool (if your fancy shmancy ) and some prying and voila you have done 80 percent of it already ! then you just buy the part ( i got mine from a san diego based company called pro camera repair which had the identical ,practically original-looking screen replacement i’ve ever seen (ok the adhesives aren’t  quite as robust/thick or full coverage as the original screen adhesives  from canons orignal  but its enough to get it stuck on &  fixed!!
plus  its very good quality Just look at those pics thats from a phone !
It looks brand new. So no fear its better sometimes to not protect the screen because the protection can sometimes destroy the very thing its trying to save.

another side by side comparison

Good as new

the close up of the new screen,it just looks like the original,so crystal clear

the trick to removing the original is appying some heat via hairdryer or like me if you wanna be quick and dangerous just use your hobb! stay above  no less than 1/15 inch or so from flame(on gas mark2/3 for more than say 5 secs at anytime mostly near the screen center or you may burn fingers and melt the buttons!(it shouldnt but you may wantto warm it up a couple of inches away then slowly move it down till you notice some warping in the center of screen .
You’ll see the screen warp (in its reflection ) (you can safely use a hair dryer but i had no time i wanted it done quick so over stove it went and i kept an eye on the warping on the screen) and thats when its time tomove to a table to try the next stage of  prying open with a stanley blade from one of the corners (like i tried from the corner where the delete button sits) .

As here it seemed to have enough of a gap between body and screen to stick the tip of a fine blade into it and with a bit of gentle increasing  force the screen slowly moves upwards(as the magic adhesive is in warm release mode) but its still tough so if you place a tooth pick underneath as you go along in the gaps to help slide it under and prise it open further; its then very simple and quick to which you can lift with fingers and reveal the lcd in its untouched glory.. after removing any resdue adhesive (with the left over tooth picks? fits in the groove nicely enough without touching the precious lcd )

you can remove the new screen from its packaging ,peel of the four strips to reveal the fresh adhesive strips and place it back in the groove,pressing firmly along the edges till it feel secure . Job done.  – piklz ( sorry i done it so quick i forgot to take pictures of new screen prior to install)

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