my gameboy kite sword! sudomod mod retropie hdmi

The Circuit Sword is a single circuit board (bar some extra side pcbs to fit inside the gb case..)that contains all the required power/logic/io/peripherals to run a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3. This makes the Circuit Sword a single board computer capable of running any software designed for the Raspberry Pi. It includes special components designed for portability and ease of use, and so features battery charging and power/shutdown management as well as button input, LCD and audio output. The Circuit Sword is a perfect fit for retro handheld console form factors and they can provide a safe and secure enclosure for the board.






July ’18:  all lcd 3dprinted brackets  arrived and the dmg buttons for the back plate pcb L1 2/R1 2 buttons missing KAPTON tape which his annying

June 15th ’18 :another battery 4000mah ! has arrived need to add a ‘jst’ and test so has the 3ds stick and the hooly’ back buttons pcb!just a one more key part(the lcd/buttons 3d printed frame support with brass screws)  and i think its ready to be built

June 4th ’18 :updating this asap as i build my own one


MY  parts


With these items your 95 percent ready with parts

you can still do most of it if you buy buttons and the kite sword cm3 kit but hot glue can only get you so far!

Tools like craft knife ,clippers ,soldering iron and hot glue /exoxy glue etc are a must its assumed you will have this before you tackle this project!





the mode button is there to help keep thing s operationa lwihtout to many additional boards or parts,,(whats great it that you can still add those extra parts has the pcb has those options included in its wiring


shortcuts/operational usage

By holding down the ‘MODE‘ button while the board is powered on (and the main power switch is on),
the following can be done:
* MODE + BTN | Result
* —————————
* UP | Volume increase
* DOWN | Volume decreases
* RIGHT | Brightness of LCD increases
* LEFT | Brightness of LCD decreases
* START | INFO MODE ON (reset to OFF on power cycle)
* R1 | DPAD IS BUTTONS ON (reset to OFF on power cycle)



3dprinted brakcets and xtra pcb boards


the lcd bracket from hoolyhoo is great but its for the default screen which comes with the  circuitsword if you’ve upgraded to the 640×480 screen changes will need to be made to accommodate this bigger screen and the bracket













Updating your existing installation

Updating RetroPie

Update retropie from the main retropie-setup. Once updated and rebooted, you will most likely also need to update the Circuit Sword software (see below) to re-apply any existing fixes that may have been undone by the update.

Updating the Circuit Sword software

The installation includes an update script! This will perform the necessary actions to pull latest changes and apply them to your running installation.

  1. Enable WIFI and SSH
  2. cd Circuit-Sword
  3. sudo ./ YES


wifi not connecting?

1)Plug the SD card to windows computer (assumed you’ve already flashed it)
2) on the boot partition, create a file called ssh without extension, without anything inside the file
3) create another file called wpa_supplicant.conf (confirm extension change if asked)
4) edit the wpa_supplicant.conf file and paste this inside


!! if even with this it still not connecting add this >:

using ubuntu/linux img via vmplayer in windows10 or mac or linux itself
you can for example add this file if not already stated

Manual Configuration (Interfaces)

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

Go here and with gedit or any notepad type app view/edit interfaces file and add the text from below with your own ssid/passwords of course..



add this text to the networks file after the text that already in the file and save it next time your retropie /cm3 reboots your wifi icon should kick in !


also if you have done a direct update via retropie it will prob update the kernal and that will explain why you have no wifi now .. as its modded in the kernal on the prebuilt image..updating the kernal will remove this.. the dev will think about adding this as a separate feature to re enable wifi if retropie updates change the kernals… fromthe wiki:

NOTE: [for installs over prev retropie]You should upgrade the kernel to at least 4.14.y and install the RTL8723BS module for Wifi to work! NOTE: You could do this by following the ‘upgrade kernel’ steps in the build folder.

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