My custom designed rick and morty xbox one controller

My first try and drawing Rick Sanchez!on a xbox one pad…click pic to go see the results20161113_193623

GTA V underwater documentary??lol!

The detail in GTA never ceases to amaze

hyper light drifter – my new fav future game thats not out yet

my GTA V panoramas


Though Id see if i could keep the camera static and move the in-game camera around whislt in the blimp ; for some 360 panos ,and you know what, the Galaxy S4 in panorama mode actually tracked it well enough to make some panos….more to come

gta v install theme

bit of install music to chill out too! Rockstar you .. rock! this game is mindblowing


yes finally the official trailer

virtual sphincter simulator ,youll see it ..wait a minute…

oh jesus i hope this youtube video loses its buffer and stops now.,still love the oculus..

Gta v gameplay out today whoohoo

This Is what the pc version would be like this ain’t no xbox or ps3..  Lets hope they release it soon after the consoles

gta v new trailer 3 stories

nice music as a usual lol! goinna be fazhishizzle

realtime, really real looking GTA6 .. maybe..just maybe, mr Niko…

title doesnt help but it could be anygame its just a fast lighting engine -brigade fast path raytracer showing its grunt ..!thanks lowrie,

Grand Theft Auto V: Official Trailer #2 three is the magic number

Looking gooood.

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Gta v. spring. Floor say hi to chin

Shame it’s not on pc as well on first day or an next gen console even.. But I don’t care. Hard drive get ready for flushing of old demos and worthless installs (I’m looking at you tonyhawks pro hd)

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The History of Halo remix

Source polygon

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Alien Colonial Marines -gearbox please make this good

game over mannn.. ermm actually might have to get this looks great co-op stylee, anything like borderlands gameplay then im in ..2013 hurry up now

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halo 4 ‘scanned ‘trailer

make a film goddamn it its looking more and more extravagant !!

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Deus Exs augmented protagonist & 80’s wild child Adam Jensen doing the DANCE:)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution‘s augmented protagonist Adam Jensen busting the sweet 80’s groove, he sure can dance! song:  Men Without Hats‘ 1981 New Wave hit The Safety Dance ps – probably  dlc oneday + 13.99 dollars too.! (its just tomfoolery no worries!..hopefully this makes up for no friday playlist lol)

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CryENGINE 3 Crysis 3 Tech Trailer [HD]

With added top secret toad tech!

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sgs3 with mhl + mario + multi usb drives!

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Unreal 4 engine sneak

New unreal game would be nice!?  With the Nali’s back too

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The Last of Us E3 2012 Gameplay

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