best ending to a film?

no budget left for a spring in his wrist/arm gun-device lol oh my lol

meanwhile in japan…

whats the tail spewing out lol hmm lychee milk with almond extracts..hmmm sooo gooood..good for your in and your skin

megadrive megatron!


Daft punk serofinowicz style

I might of had too much to drink last night but I think  I’ve just watched 3headed serofinowicz doing a cover of daftpunks new single get lucky.. Back to bed….

Caturday: hoover meet cat

its the nyan gym

surgeon simulator..whens the dlc coming ..knee op, cataract edition…

mayeb not safe for work/kids lol, but yeah so whats the dlc on this then.. knee op ? cataract in the jungle edition dlc.. im already there…



some great oscar winning work here and also spot the funny one on 2nd page..from dreamworks…

dont get those good ones get some cheap ass disney cars walky talkies ,they’re cheaper…

2013-02-02 12.23.27


holy crap if i dont get prime delivery on this….oh 6 pounds..not so bad i guess

Christmas gift ideas #98 nic cage face replace posters Yes im getting the whole family photo replaced with nic cage and made into A0 poster sized print!

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Apple:loss aversion samsung:let’s remix

Sad day when one company decides its ok to steal ideas one minute then stifle the competition the next, over rectangles and sliding finger icon gestures :(, this Ted talk episode reminds us all (and hopefully those at Apple or big software technology firms) that we would not be here…

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olympics london 2012 -the strange things we saw explained

Whats with the blue tongues? Athletes adhering to some futuristic drugs testing?.. And whats those mini rc cars roaming around like some “Gta vicecity” rc remote mission!  Well lose sleep no Mo[hah get it] its all[mostly awnsered] in the Q&A at bbc’s oddities look back at the london2012 olympics.. Which…

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Celebs are ugly (only temporarily)

Source : Petapixel

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Gopro + slinky = treadmill workout

The Internet, I love thee

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Sherlock otter

Otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch,

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kony my arse

Brooekr tellin it as it is.. stop bubbles!

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Ice cubes “good day” now known

Someone Figured Out Exactly What ‘Good Day’ Ice Cube Was Talking About Yes at last! those beams, that hog,and you, yeah you ya Goodyear blimp. finally we know When it happened (disclaimer : sort of)

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skrillex rocking the xmas house lights

last post had some skrillex now mix that with some lights attached to a house at xmas and what do you have … > :)

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apple meet roll-o-tape and shoe

life changing stuff :) bookmark this link now as its an amazing. privilage . as im sure you will agree

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samurai skillz pays dem bills

360px; width: 500px”> not only has he got the skills to pay the bills even if he cant pay those bills what ya gonna do….!  

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