NESmini classic add more games hack

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recalbox + kodi setup

RECALBOX v4 + KODI emuparadise on google will get you some roms apprantly prerequisite : I used an sd image of kodi/recalbox rejigged by (grab the dual boot versions from this link) As it combines both kodi and takes the hassle away ..i know your thinking “yeah…

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Bataleon snowboard Metal Slug custom design skin Done!

the epicboard vinyl    Click  to see all the setup has finally arrived and it now gets to grace my bataleon board.      

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my Burton bindings, lets make more betterrrrer mod


Just did first major part of respray of old bindings to make better snowboard fasionista lifestyle.  look at project link for infomatics,  I thank you please.

my android as it stands..apps ,kernals..SGS3 and SGS2

While i play with the Galaxy S3 ,cf rooting mods , I thought id put down in words what im currently using to control my Galaxy s2 ps. [s3rooting] which i can report has worked brilliantly , senior xda dev magician chainfire being the hero as usual making the s3 rooted in record time ! Have…

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samsung s2 back from the brink of toilet bowl

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happy thanksgiving turkey tips

happy thanksgiving

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studio photoshoot lighting 101

great lighting refresher lecture by Joey Quintero on the ways of lighting a scene and the principles behind

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bike locking 101

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blurbs lightroom plugin

nice free plugin for bookify users.. who want to use lightroom/photo to ‘flow out’ their book

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go animate

  do it  doit ,..

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Picture Style (profile) for Canon EOS DSLR (5dmk2)

The Technicolor CineStyle™ is a Picture Style (profile) for Canon EOS DSLR cameras that optimizes the dynamic range in the image by leveraging the capabilities of the Canon imaging chipset. Cinematographers and their post-production partners will have greater flexibility in color grading and finishing their projects.   About time !…

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gordon freemans old haunts photographed and documented

or its just possibly the famous mail rail tunnels hidden away from the surface dwellers for many years..The Post Office underground railway! some crazy folk raved there once.near oxford street (one of many entrances) but now pretty much finished for good(and with crossrail engeneering work  in and around that area…

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Iscorama 36 test on a 7D

Iscorama 36 test, finally. from OscarWao on Vimeo. very nice ..but the price is wild for this lens!!(even for you white canons lens L owners!)

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digital domains making of TRON

theres a write up too click here to jump to article

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magic lantern progress on canon5dmk2

MAGIC LANTERN AJ5.0 from Moira O'Brien on Vimeo. looking good ,the focus false colour is great.!

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nimslo,3d lenticular fun

we like wiggle dog pics a-la bullit-time ! 3D boggins !! click here to see more

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Nick Campbell – The Creative Gap:

Nick Campbell – The Creative Gap: Becoming Better Than Most from Nick Campbell on Vimeo. Nick talks about why ‘Becoming Better Than Most’ is all about ‘doing’ it now rather than slacking about wondering how.. just do it !

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mini arcade cab for yur unused netbook

so must build this for my lonesome unused netbook,

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vfx breakdown of hereafter

scanlines fx tools doing alot of the grunt work on the water/fire on Clint Eastwoods new film ,a v nice breakdown of the complex shots .

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