NESmini classic add more games hack

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homeworld remix making-of episode1

cant wait for this to arrive!


‘From Bedrooms to Billions’ is a 150 minute feature length documentary movie telling the remarkable, true story of the British Video Games Industry from 1979 to the present.

hyper light drifter preview coming tomorrow

face riggings in maya/3ds + dx11 icing on the cake

cover – a slick lockscreen for your android

Grab cover on play Im liking it so far in fact i really like the style and it works v smoothly along side apexlauncher

elegant simple way to peek into your apps based on home/work/car location

So far it seems to work really well ,simple, not to many options.Best idea to use it day to day is to leave ‘display-screentime’ lower than your ‘auto-lock-phone’ time ; say 2mins to 10 mins for’ autolockphone’ and less for ‘screen-timeout’ that way you can leave it on your desk(it will switch screen off but cover still allows you to peek as the lock timer is still 10mins etc), pick it up and slide your cover apps without unlocking ( which is tedious and doesnt show of the instant peeking into apps so make sure autolock is longer)
but still fully secure phone if you want to by pressing power key(having powerkey-lock-immediately option enabled)

get ridicoulous cheap windows 8 keys my

Do I wanna pay over $200 to microsoft to activate my pc ?again? erm.. no.

A quick review of :

Do I wanna pay over $200 to microsoft to activate my pc ?
or .. do I wanna pay just $49 dollars for windows 8.1 pro product key?

I chose the latter option :)

Does it work? Yes even if initially you get it installing but not activating the service is great within moments after mentioning my issue sara sent another key to my email and that one activated fine! Fully official windows baby! Now I have a usb with 8.1 pro  bootable  stick ready to install on new systems .. and then its a key code from to finish the install activation!
Highly recommend this site as opposed to paying high prices from within windows 8 activation page.

How it works:

  1. you add your product to cart
  2. pay with paypal
  3. keys+email come within a few hours usually
  4. try key your given within 24 hours so if theres any issue they can resend you another! so be at hand ready with your pc ready to add code..

 I can verify it worked and is so much cheaper; I can now upgrade all my machines to windows 8.1 for the same price as one key from microsoft thanks to!¬ job done!


super tokyo 360 panorama!



apparently second largets photo ever made like this. the detail is staggering

zeldas back for 3ds cant wait for this edition

still one of my all time fav snes games cant wait for this new

realtime, really real looking GTA6 .. maybe..just maybe, mr Niko…

title doesnt help but it could be anygame its just a fast lighting engine -brigade fast path raytracer showing its grunt ..!thanks lowrie,

GTA Radio app android out now No ios version yet. Pic via slash gear

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Take your png on a fitness workout before using them on your site Compress PNG images while preserving transparency good for you net Web masters of the universe type peoples. That is all. Ps its got a celebratory panda so really I had to visit.

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halo 4 ‘scanned ‘trailer

make a film goddamn it its looking more and more extravagant !!

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Borderlands2 scarlet dlc giant bomb

One crazy arse game, pretty fun, and now with more added sugar and preservatives

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google nexus 7 4.1.2 force it on now!

well it worked for me and i’ve been hitting check update button with no luck :( nothing ..until now that is! i decided to force stop two services and clear data + reboot .. then it kicked in: go toapps – settings -All  tab find google play services and google services…

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i scream for 8bit/16bit title screens

cool little site showing the console game titles of yesteryear in all its animation glory via le power of le GIF!

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disney shaves your face off

not sure why but could be fun in a game where you can modify your own avatar in a myriad of facial ways

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streetview in ascii

bbs fans will love a bit of ascii themed google streetview via engadget

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Attachment. Me

Nice way to sync your gmail attachments drop box or Google drive, box.  

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Scanlines! &Android emus by Robert Broglias

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Played a few emulators by various authors and I seem to be leaning more and more towards Robert Broglias(@rakashazi), not because its got a fancy gui-it hasn’t, in fact it’s rather rudimentary. But all is forgiven because it has one secret weapon (ok not that secret its in the settings)…

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