[Tutorial] Moving your installed titles from RedNAND

reposted here  incase its gone from reddit….. This isn’t anything new, just a reminder that it’s fairly simple to actually migrate to SysNAND from RedNAND. Many poor souls still trapped in RedNAND setups, killing their SD card’s life cycle. These old users were told that RedNAND was the wae, and…

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some mixes for you

slowly transfering them to mixcloud as soundcloud and ‘universal copyright claims ruined my acount !


recalbox + kodi setup

RECALBOX v4 + KODI   http://www.recalbox.com/ emuparadise on google will get you some roms apprantly prerequisite : I used an sd image of kodi/recalbox rejigged by http://www.matthuisman.nz/2016/04/libreelec-kodi-downloads-noobs.html (grab the dual boot versions from this link) As it combines both kodi and recalbox..it takes the hassle away ..i know your thinking “yeah…

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raspberry retro entertainment tips

Heres some tips on how i got my recalbox (emulation station+kodi) setup for gaming remotely via nvidias gamestream (moonlight) and retro consoles

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best ending to a film?

no budget left for a spring in his wrist/arm gun-device lol oh my lol


GASHAPON these mini plastic toys came out of vending (or capsule toys)machines and now go for 100’s of dollars… for a complete set..wow

Wham bam slowed maam

Last Christmas Slowed down !

Nicki Minaj Anaconda (Fart Remix)

KUNG fury

KUNG FURY Trailer from Xyo on Vimeo.

Humongous must kung-fuu this kickstart this

creepy TNG test footage

Win 8 to 8.1 not upgrading + usb 3 bsod, try this ..


google images always brings up at least one meme version!

my system: asus p7x79 + windows8 64bit + usb3 card reader

            problem   :    bsods with usb card readers(not usb3 harddrives) + not able to actually upgrade to windows 8.1 due to some error on upgrading + sfc command  reports amd64 corruptions…

Having  troubles updating to 8.1? Usb 3 card readers etc giving you bsod( blue screens of death / ‘memory management’ crashes?) Firstly you might want to scan the system files with

src /scannow

within a’ command prompt’ windows shell (right click and run as administration privilegedmode)
Running command ‘ sfc /scannow ‘ may bring about some verifications which didn’t repair themselves..  In my case it was amd64 files; investigating the CBS.log file, located at C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log shows a few amd64 entries

windows 8 sfc errors

when i saw my cbs.logs. the post i was reading made some sense…lets go fix this!

that couldn’t be fixed ,the way to fix them is by running this command

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restore health

Same thing as before with sfc command just run it inside the elevated command prompt and after a while when it’s finished restoring from the Web [the files it needs] it will be done.
Run sfc /scannow to confirm the errors have vanished..
And then try the update to 8.1 from the app store.
This one command fixed the issue of not upgrading and also fixed a long standing usb 3 issue where my sd/cf cards in the card reader would crash the machine anytime it was inserted. Truly annoying.. Now it’s installed the drivers and usb3 for sd card readers (hard drives were fine before fix) and windows doesn’t crash. Nice.

I only attempted this now due to waiting for corsair to finish [ at least a beta] of their corsair link software monitors the various pumps/fans/. temps in my system, as its only just got some windows 8 lovin ,before that there was some hacks for the registry something which also kept me from upgrading(not that i could anyway!)

I’m not saying this is the sole reason to why the usb3 is not working for sd card readers..maybe the 8.1 update overwrote some asus drivers which could be the issue actually..but to make sure dont install those usb3 boost drivers… otherwise you may get the bsod when inserting those usb3-sd-card-readers !
(for me ,no asus boost crap on this pc for a while -I’m  liking the non-bsods these days!)
Tested the usb3 card reader   with some sd /cf cards and its working now for the first time in a year since i built the win 8 pc!.   :) -piklz

sources: http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/26512-dism-fixing-component-store-corruption-windows-8-a.html

Smith snowboard helmet plasti-dip version


Happy new retro year


Happy new (Saturn mod) year

Merry catmess


mondays,nasty, well not today its hot!and retro!

canon 5dmk3 hardware modded and in the right hands gives you this !

Genesis from James Miller on Vimeo.

modded meaning olpf(optical low-pass filter) filter layer (the stuff canon adds to fix moire amongst other things) of glass sandwiched in front of sensor has been removed to allow more light through,better sharpness (but moire will creep in but who cares! when it looks this good!)

and i dont even think this Genesis clip has even been done with the MagicLantern firmware mod either ..Whoa


eoshd showing us James Miller taking his canon apart to remove the filter

friday playlist

Tons of conspiracies lately his another nasa *removed* michealjackson


60% of the time hes funny everytime

nvidia titan workstation complete

click here for main review

meanwhile in japan….furry quackers for your pets



to protect them from the floor or? just i dunno….sometimes.. just dont know .



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