reys mixtape part1

Moullinex – Sunflare

The sun is  out to play so lets get the sunshine grooves on and start with moullinex

harrisons akira vid

Harrison – Akira (Official Video) from Charlie Tyrell on Vimeo.

cool vid by DIRECTOR: Charlie Tyrell  canadian dj harrison doing the goods.

soundcloud weekend

Gzillla mix : pyramid wolf + pharrell gust of wind

it was a tight day

plaid vs empire of the sun

plaids new album out in may. should be good!

je ne suis pas un robot

Pharell BeastieBoys gust of beastie (gzillla windy mix)

Darius (feat Marina) espoir robot (gzillla tokyo mix )

happy birthday katy perry ,its a piklz/gzillla mix moment



quicky mix Katy perry vs majestique

daftpunk RAM album right here ! its v funky!/album/Random+Access+Memories/8814557



friday playlist

piklz friday playlist -thurs the new fridays!

AHh couldnt wait so im putting it up now thurs is the new fri after all..!:) .. some very nice radio soulwax type mixes ;old records and new dub stuff all mixed together + my own jt fatty mellow tie mix ,enjoy peeps

piklz friday playlist ,daft punk timbersnake and uffie

friday [easter] playlist

(click post to view full list )hey folks been a while since ive done a playlist.. so heres a bit of electro ,a bit of daft remix, abit of adele! go!
followed by altz (i found a suitably good video to watch whilst listening to it- take it away kittehs play that off-key guitar riff choons!)

friday playlist cont

currently entering my brain pipes, bit of flumes remixes

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friday playlist

heff does a hiphop mix for today. nice and eaaaasy.   and then some mixtape for you 80’s lovers .Goodness from flight facillities . enjoy.

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piklz friday playlist

Hello all .Haven’t done one in a while .. back to some electronic sounds. lets put some com truise ‘in decay’ album on for a spin. Its doing the spotify features rounds; listened to it and loving it so much its the focus of this weeks playlist. With its dreamy…

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