NESmini classic add more games hack

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Scanlines! &Android emus by Robert Broglias

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Played a few emulators by various authors and I seem to be leaning more and more towards Robert Broglias(@rakashazi), not because its got a fancy gui-it hasn’t, in fact it’s rather rudimentary. But all is forgiven because it has one secret weapon (ok not that secret its in the settings)…

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best mediaplayer..?

all the codecs you’d want and plays flv?(vlc users  looky here) click to jump & download it and see if you prefer this one ?

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ubuntu+old sony vaio = fun times ,possibly great times.

+ = for the first time ..linux on my t1xp sony vaio is sweeeet.. needs NO fixing the stupid widescreen res by way of hacking the resolution values stored in the graphics card! more having to find /compile sound drivers/ intel drivers to get it up and running with beryl/compiz…

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asus eee pc piklz’s quick review

Awesome ! Does the job! Linux in  book sized proportions and with 1/2 gig o ram you can have xp and soon vista too says Microsoft! but Linux rocks on it ! no doubt about it  very fast fast boot times thanks to ssd drive ,lots of apps built and…

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