NESmini classic add more games hack

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Scanlines! &Android emus by Robert Broglias

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Played a few emulators by various authors and I seem to be leaning more and more towards Robert Broglias(@rakashazi), not because its got a fancy gui-it hasn’t, in fact it’s rather rudimentary. But all is forgiven because it has one secret weapon …

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best mediaplayer..?

all the codecs you’d want and plays flv?(vlc users  looky here)

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ubuntu+old sony vaio = fun times ,possibly great times.

ubuntu 804





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asus eee pc piklz’s quick review

eee pc

Awesome ! Does the job! Linux in  book sized proportions and with 1/2 gig o ram you can have xp and soon vista too says Microsoft! but Linux rocks on it ! no doubt about it  very fast fast boot times thanks to …

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