raspberry retro entertainment tips

Heres some tips on how i got my recalbox (emulation station+kodi) setup for gaming remotely via nvidias gamestream (moonlight) and retro consoles

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ManvsSnake fantastic fest trailer

gameboy dmg switched+biversion mod


first time round the mod didnt stick for long the chip appeard to not work correctly as see nhere so i redid the mod with a new ic and did a quick review of the process CLICK FOR FULL GALLERY OF MOD















art of Amezaiku – candy sculpting


‘From Bedrooms to Billions’ is a 150 minute feature length documentary movie telling the remarkable, true story of the British Video Games Industry from 1979 to the present.

digging carts music makers ep 4

lets watch episode 4 (featuring yuzo koshiro of revengeofshinobi and streets of rage fame!!!)

Cellular Forms : an artistic exploration of morphogenesis


j rocc

bloodhound gang

Weird science …thx buzzfeeds

my Galaxy s4 screen +digitiser replacement morning

easy to do :its no more difficult then building a small intricate  lego toy

cheaper than sending it back to samsung : yes

I used samsung-parts’s from ebay shop here:  http://r.ebay.com/kyCQUe

and also ifixits tutorial on how to open the screen

and some phone tool opening kits (plastic tools and screw drivers) optional but its faster and cleaner with them.

so instead of £200+ for inhouse repair over at samsung or £500+ for a brand new phone.. around 130 euros + your spare time gets your phone back and i learned a new thing today. -piklz

Smith snowboard helmet plasti-dip version


bike rack info graphic,for the car + bike owners out there

cant help it I like a good infographic- says it all in one nice poster.Now thats its summmer and bikes are coming out of they’re sheds, It’s time to upgrade that bike rack! guide to buying the perfect bike roof rack

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my Burton bindings, lets make more betterrrrer mod


Just did first major part of respray of old bindings to make better snowboard fasionista lifestyle.  look at project link for infomatics,  I thank you please.

Take your png on a fitness workout before using them on your site

http://tinypng.org/ Compress PNG images while preserving transparency good for you net Web masters of the universe type peoples. That is all. Ps its got a celebratory panda so really I had to visit.

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Its caturday, sure, but also think of the dawgs…


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pixels- its just string theory!thx 8bit prof stephen hawkins!

..and at quantum levels its just pacmans cheeky ghost Blinky! so true i should know! im a pixel kitteh after all! All makes sense now. via the ever wonderful bouletcorp.com

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canon- how they made your camera

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Fsymbols. Com Gives your tweets wings

╋╋╋╋╋╋╋┏┓ ┏┓┏━┳┓╋┃┃ ┃┗┫╋┃┗┓┃┃ ┗━┻━┻━┛┣┫ ╋╋╋╋╋╋╋┗┛ Redbull ref aside, it really does make your drab standard character set look so last week.. This generator site for all keyboard characters wild and exotic will grab your followers attention. Fsymbols.com

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Celebs are ugly (only temporarily)

Source : Petapixel

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