switch homebrew is a go go on latest firmware

click image to jump to page with hack tutorials

[Tutorial] Moving your installed titles from RedNAND

reposted here  incase its gone from reddit….. This isn’t anything new, just a reminder that it’s fairly simple to actually migrate to SysNAND from RedNAND. Many poor souls still trapped in RedNAND setups, killing their SD card’s life cycle. These old users were told that RedNAND was the wae, and…

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meanwhile..in moscow : Gameboy dmg Gun with photo evidence!

cute very cute..! gamboy + its camera and printer all in the shape of a gun

gameboy dmg switched+biversion mod


first time round the mod didnt stick for long the chip appeard to not work correctly as see nhere so i redid the mod with a new ic and did a quick review of the process CLICK FOR FULL GALLERY OF MOD
















Augmented Thrill Ride Project – Pioneering Oculus Rift VR rides on real roller coasters from Thomas Wagner on Vimeo.

my Galaxy s4 screen +digitiser replacement morning

easy to do :its no more difficult then building a small intricate  lego toy

cheaper than sending it back to samsung : yes

I used samsung-parts’s from ebay shop here:  http://r.ebay.com/kyCQUe

and also ifixits tutorial on how to open the screen

and some phone tool opening kits (plastic tools and screw drivers) optional but its faster and cleaner with them.

so instead of £200+ for inhouse repair over at samsung or £500+ for a brand new phone.. around 130 euros + your spare time gets your phone back and i learned a new thing today. -piklz

magic lantern did it again.RAW video from your Canon 5d MkIII


This is some alexa/red party but @ fullframe going on here!This is CrazyTM

BIG NEWS – Hands on with CONTINUOUS raw recording on Canon 5D Mark III | EOSHD.com

heres Petapixels post on this also

Magic Lantern Manages to Pull 24p RAW Video Out of the Canon 5D Mk III

crysis 3 AA already out there causing havok :(

AA being Artificial Aiming forum site which deals in hacks and cheats for online multiplay on most popular games.. this aint good ….crysis 3 has just come out this inside a week im seeing crazy kills and hacks :(

snes mod for two players with built-in screen for each player

its even for sale on ebay ..here source :http://downingsbasement.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/the-snes-001-advance-is-ready-to-launch/

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ICS state of play-latest android sauce

Bluestack lets you play android apps on your pc!! But that’s another thing ..   ..right now we are interested in turning our sgs2 into an ice cream sandwich sgs2! But before you even go downloading firmwares get your phone rooted and CWM ( read more over  at xdadev) installed (comes with…

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gta4 mod makes things look realz

looking good & shiny and with car branding badges .nicey nicey ,

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get the upper hand in fps games or just be an evil bas****

this site looks evil! punkbuster needs to get its groove on and update soon!

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worlds smallest donkey kong arcade

not official -yet, but who knows.. I’ve not seen one yet this amazing and this small!( I guess if you find a portable console smaller than a gp2wiz that can run mame then you’ve won the guiness book of world records prize – once you’ve built it of course!?)

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aurasma ,bit of AR for your iphone

clever use of ad space ..hmm this could take off minority report style when everyone has a smart device

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Streets of Rage Remake Is Finally Finished…..

8ight years later that is ! one of my all time fav 16 bit games . And I cant believe someone had the geek-out to make this happen but thankfully they did and its here..it looks amazing(with scanline optiosn galore for that sony trinitron feel) like you could be mistaken…

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mini arcade cab for yur unused netbook

so must build this for my lonesome unused netbook,

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paper planes in space

..and 8GB memory cards onboard from samgung(this is a samsung viral afterall) as a prize for having one land on your head.

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kinemote drivers (kinect for your pc)

kinemote might have to try this out ,heres the blurb from the google code page: KinEmote is an easy-to-use, free application that takes gestures captured by the Microsoft Kinect and translates them into key strokes that any Windows application can recognize. Users can easily map their own keyboard keys to…

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le tron bike , le real,le roadlegal

when willl it be delivered to my electro mansion in the sky?hmm?

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sony wins,no more ps3jailbreak from ozmodchips..well..

erm.. yeah not quite..all devs have gone on overdrive you can now hack your ps3 via  a dingoo console port, nokia 900 port, iphone port(coming v soon),at mega /tensy /psp/bumble bee mini usb/pic18f….need i go on… you see sony .. your winning ! well done you. FAIL biscuit delivery for…

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