yuki kadono 1620 back to back

meanwhile in japan…

whats the tail spewing out lol hmm lychee milk with almond extracts..hmmm sooo gooood..good for your in and your skin

art of Amezaiku – candy sculpting

terminator full trailer out now

terminator genisys teaser trailer

terminator world premiere full trailer tonight

youtube goes 60fps!

what better than to use mario kart 8 as its test.. which is so mental with its eye candy laser retina burning powers.. topped off at 60 fps.. its the only way to melt your mind!


Augmented Thrill Ride Project – Pioneering Oculus Rift VR rides on real roller coasters from Thomas Wagner on Vimeo.

hyper light drifter preview coming tomorrow


steve aoki 2014 tour asia

digging carts music makers ep 4

lets watch episode 4 (featuring yuzo koshiro of revengeofshinobi and streets of rage fame!!!)

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

xbox one and pc /mac/ not yet released. but cant wait .fortunate to play it recently and its great fun and addictive

burton presents:

its pow pow time

j rocc

bloodhound gang

Russell Brand The Trews (E137).

he’ll do well one day this Russell chap.. hes got some good points up in his bonce

‘Lost Paradise’ playboy mansion meets pro skater Eli Reed

man vs snake :sneak peek

MAN vs SNAKE – Tim McVey meets NIBBLER! from MAN vs. SNAKE on Vimeo.

for more updates (why not join their facebook fan page while your there) ..
check out Manvssnakes own facebook page

Hoodsters Trailer

Check out my friends new game out in sep on the app store


FooFighters win .The end.. You can all just donate and stop wasting water now….:)

yo bitches ,nice emmy