switch homebrew is a go go on latest firmware

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NESmini classic add more games hack

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My custom designed rick and morty xbox one controller

My first try and drawing Rick Sanchez!on a xbox one pad…click pic to go see the results20161113_193623

recalbox + kodi setup

RECALBOX v4 + KODI   http://www.recalbox.com/ emuparadise on google will get you some roms apprantly prerequisite : I used an sd image of kodi/recalbox rejigged by http://www.matthuisman.nz/2016/04/libreelec-kodi-downloads-noobs.html (grab the dual boot versions from this link) As it combines both kodi and recalbox..it takes the hassle away ..i know your thinking “yeah…

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gi joe put to good use!

mega everdrive v2 review



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new v2 edition of the most amazing backup cart for the sega megadrive system! play all your games from one place! no more swapping carts!click image above for full review – piklz


meanwhile..in moscow : Gameboy dmg Gun with photo evidence!

cute very cute..! gamboy + its camera and printer all in the shape of a gun

gameboy dmg switched+biversion mod


first time round the mod didnt stick for long the chip appeard to not work correctly as see nhere so i redid the mod with a new ic and did a quick review of the process CLICK FOR FULL GALLERY OF MOD















wii shop menu remixed ..!

found this on my tumblr travels.. nicky flowers.. i like this mix!its not leaving my brain domain.


GASHAPON these mini plastic toys came out of vending (or capsule toys)machines and now go for 100’s of dollars… for a complete set..wow


Augmented Thrill Ride Project – Pioneering Oculus Rift VR rides on real roller coasters from Thomas Wagner on Vimeo.


‘From Bedrooms to Billions’ is a 150 minute feature length documentary movie telling the remarkable, true story of the British Video Games Industry from 1979 to the present.

bloodhound gang

japan video game music trailer

DO your ears a favour and go watch/hear

my Galaxy s4 screen +digitiser replacement morning

easy to do :its no more difficult then building a small intricate  lego toy

cheaper than sending it back to samsung : yes

I used samsung-parts’s from ebay shop here:  http://r.ebay.com/kyCQUe

and also ifixits tutorial on how to open the screen

and some phone tool opening kits (plastic tools and screw drivers) optional but its faster and cleaner with them.

so instead of £200+ for inhouse repair over at samsung or £500+ for a brand new phone.. around 130 euros + your spare time gets your phone back and i learned a new thing today. -piklz

its xmas soon. its the holiday season. its Et on atari 2600 in the 80’s .

saturn modchip installed.Jap shumups here i come

this guys really ‘knows’ arcades,hah,but richie knuckles at least does..

cameraman who reports on his nostalgic finds is a bit shocking in his knowledge!
Luckly Richie Knuckles whos arcade room of the same name knows a thing or two about these glorious machines from our chidlhood.
One of the only places to see a real-life full size felix jr cabinet (which as you know ,isnt really from 1982 as its from the pixar film ,commisioned by disney for shows to promote the film viral campaign etc) in all intents and purposes its a real arcade machine ,some people even think it really came from 1982 and that disney made a 3d cartoon about it lol! Im off to play it the game now on my pc….:)

gyromatic. for your gopro3 gyro-stabilized-filming needs!

Gyromatic is an Australian brand based in Outback Australia.Looks neat and has lots of controls (in the higher end version $1399 ) and a way to view the footage on your phone via the inbuilt stand. So if you want one go over to indiegogo and support them and you’ll have a cool gyro mount for your gopro come by Christmas!

indiegogo campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gyromatic-go2x-gopro-gimbal-stabilizer

watch demo  part 1

part 2

live printing tshirt shop-make your own tshirt live if your in london tawn!

if you’re in west end of London anytime then check out carnaby streets Yrstore in kingly court where you can make a custom t-shirt print in the store!

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made a tshirt which hes wearing in this photo of himself -all over- quite appropriate really ..for his messiah complex show?

if its goodenough for Russel brand then im in