recalbox + kodi setup

RECALBOX v4 + KODI emuparadise on google will get you some roms apprantly prerequisite : I used an sd image of kodi/recalbox rejigged by (grab the dual boot versions from this link) As it combines both kodi and takes the hassle away ..i know your thinking “yeah…

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mega everdrive v2 review



click the image to jump to full review!!


new v2 edition of the most amazing backup cart for the sega megadrive system! play all your games from one place! no more swapping carts!click image above for full review – piklz


rock stars and their slug guitars , all makes sense now.

meanwhile in japan…

whats the tail spewing out lol hmm lychee milk with almond extracts..hmmm sooo gooood..good for your in and your skin

digging carts music makers ep 4

lets watch episode 4 (featuring yuzo koshiro of revengeofshinobi and streets of rage fame!!!)

dodo cases mini post

A mini review of  the Dodo nexus 2013 hardcover case( $35ish   version) + a word about the support when an issue arose.

I also have the 2012 nexus 7 case still in use has a nice worn feel too its like a moleskin notebook; What i like alot about these handmade cases for your ipads/nexus’s are that they feel slim and solid when you hold the min your hand out on the street, it doesnt feel strange or out of place,its just a book im holding  and no doubt to anyone else watching you… that’s what it feels like if you ever had a moleskin book or notepad in your hand the nyour tablet will feel as safe and sound inside one of dod’s cases.. they use a special 3m type of sticky tape to keeep it there and belive me ive dropped my first nexus man ytimes and its never come off these sticky strips! its crazy.. and if its ever dirty ,dodo states that a bit of warm soapy cloth you wipe it clean and the sticky powers return!

also ,(cant speak for the ipad versions ) the google nexus hardcovers even have a sleep magnet built inside the front cover(inc the nexus 2012 cases ) to put the tablet to sleep!Genius.



eyepiece for new nexus 2013 hard case fell off..being handmade its inevitable  I guess.Even still , i wouldnt exchange my case for anything Dode cases are personal+awesome !

Now the picture above your wondering looks odd.. yes its missing an eyepiece which would be there was it not for shattering into tiny bits. When I started to install and use the cover..but dodo, were on my twitter post liek a hawk on a mouse, and promptly apologized for the issue and asked me to send their support a mail ..I did that .And now I’ve just received the response ,so fast , that a new hardcover is on its way from San-Francisco where they make these products .


a little red sticker and a cardboard instruction.neat.

Now I don’t know about you but that’s how to have after-sales support! Knowing dodo’s past delivery times to me I’ll have it in a few days.. which is crazy good ,when you think that these cases get sent across the planet in about 3 days sharp via fedex.


installed and ready to go

Now these are handmade so it has the look of someone just-made-it feel , you may even think this wont last (forgot about the eyepiece for now) but I have had the 2012 case on my first nexus tab all this time (still going strong I might add) and its been on many travels with me to coffee shops ,the bathroom ,watersplashes here and there.. all sorts of still looks handmade slighty worn like a good used book.I love it.
They are simplest & the smartest usuable cases (handmade)for a mini tablet like the ipad or nexus that I could recommend (please dont do your self disservice buy getting the asus rubbery protection case..its terrible)

In the end all is good with the internet & my nexus 7 is all snug and comfortable in its new home. Thanks dodo cases you amazed me with your support and your cases rule!

your bacon is of lacking.good day sir.

sega megadrive backup cart mini review


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chicken bone nowison!

nsfw etc etc



some great oscar winning work here and also spot the funny one on 2nd page..from dreamworks…

france i need some merry-go rounds on my powder blue runs!mmmmkay

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my Burton bindings, lets make more betterrrrer mod


Just did first major part of respray of old bindings to make better snowboard fasionista lifestyle.  look at project link for infomatics,  I thank you please.

Piklz Snowboard demos 2013

2 quick demo reviews today one from burton and the other from bataleon . Burton superhero £395 154cm Weight Range: 57 – 79kg 157cm Weight Range: 59 – 82kg Had a look at the burton super hero 154 initial feeling was that it felt more longer than the size suggests…

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Fifty Impressions of Grey, the audio book I’ve always wanted lol

Thank me later

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pixels- its just string theory!thx 8bit prof stephen hawkins!

..and at quantum levels its just pacmans cheeky ghost Blinky! so true i should know! im a pixel kitteh after all! All makes sense now. via the ever wonderful

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Fsymbols. Com Gives your tweets wings

╋╋╋╋╋╋╋┏┓ ┏┓┏━┳┓╋┃┃ ┃┗┫╋┃┗┓┃┃ ┗━┻━┻━┛┣┫ ╋╋╋╋╋╋╋┗┛ Redbull ref aside, it really does make your drab standard character set look so last week.. This generator site for all keyboard characters wild and exotic will grab your followers attention.

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mokuyobi bag turns into rucksack

nice little kickstarter project.. 

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on{X} ,microsofts life recipes for androids

scan with qr droid for example to download from play store   “on{X} lets you control and extend the capabilities of your Android phone using a JavaScript API to remotely program it.” sounds like a plan batman so lets give this a go…. source: Microsoft on{X}

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No Garfield, shows a crazy Jon in action

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