3DS new3DS LL/ XL custom firmware hack


 go to 3ds.guide and follow it to the letter!!


3ds custom firmware 101:

  • emunand is the nand on the sd card, sysnand is what is on the internal memory, so sysnand you really need to backup. this can all be done from a9lh without going back to 9.2.

  •  flashing your console’s CTRNAND partition to 2.1.0 in order to take advantage of an oversight in 2.1.0 for the purpose of extracting the OTP unique to your console. This OTP file is required to install arm9loaderhax, and cannot be shared with other consoles.
  • This is accomplished by installing a premade ctrtransfer image containing 2.1.0, copying your console specific files (such as moveable.sed and SecureInfo_A) to it, then fixing the title databases.
  • cias[thebest way] are the icons on your official menu when you buy an eshop game or run a disc you install this and luma plays them  from your front end like a proper nintendo app therefore no need to have homebrewlauncher first loaded to launch an app game or homebrew

 go to 3ds.guide and follow it to the letter


ALWAYS have your otp.bin backup somewhere /raid/cloud whatever.. (inc NANDbin files!), by the way… You must never lose that file in case something happens.




march: also your fbi prob has updates thats in the app itself lanuch FBI and  find it at the bottom of the list > click update. done.

if following guide (as of feb 2017) you realise homebrew manager now doesn’t launch? its probably cos your on the latest 11.3 nintendo firmware.. the guides file (for homebrew app) may still be on 11.2 not a problem just conmtinue doing everything else of the  cfw guide once the guide is done you can tranfsfer the updated 11.3 version of homebrew manager from yellows8 github here and install the same way as the guide said.

FEB 2017:

godmode9 updated (is more like decrypt 9 in its features cart dumping etc but apparently faster and more complex in its options,so decrypt9 still useful aand simpler also why its used in the 3ds.guide..but in future tyhe guidemay replace decrypt9 with godmode9  ) but if you want it anyway go here to grab the new payload

FEB 20th:

new snes9x update plays well has a cis also so can launch like an eshop title (installed via  FBI app)







or you like to clone sd card look below at my cloning tips..bottom of page





  • bkup sysnand (the software of the actual internal 3ds)


  • savemanager cia


  • tutorial-system-transfer-from-one-3ds-to-cfw-3ds-via-pc


  • how-to-setup-an-sd-card-bigger-than-32gb



once the 3ds.guide is done you can access your main features like this:

holding select and click power on  = booting luma settings

holding start and click power on  = hourglass9 (dump decrypt)

holding up and power = decrypt9(similar to hourglass9) if your decrypt doesnt work/load as the guide said  read below how i added it to the up dir pad



why  decrypt9 is not loading or black screen>

dont worry about safe hax entry point not working /going black screen.. follow this instructions and you can hold up and power on(or another direction on pad) to load it.

[QUOTE]Create a folder named luma on the root of your SD card
Create a folder named payloads in the luma folder on your SD card
Copy Hourglass9.bin from the Hourglass9 zip to the /luma/payloads/ folder on your SD card and rename Hourglass9.bin to start_Hourglass9.bin[/QUOTE]

it’s the same process. in these instructions replace hourglass for what you want…
and instead adding “start_” to the beginning of the file you write the key you want for example “down_filename.bin” (will launch when you hold down on dpad  + poweron)

How do i know if i still have the luma/a9lh active?

You get luma’s config with select at power on stage thats a good sign…

If you have a9lh v3 or less booting without the SDcard will shutdown the console.
If you have a9lhv4 and have CTRNAND luma (3ds.guide way) you’ll still be able to boot without and SDcard as a vanilla console would, but pressing SELECT on boot will still bring up luma’s config menu.So all fine.

FUN Extras to install

Snes emulator : fastest for o3DS/XL


but still not quite working as cia from the menu needing homebrew manager to launch it ?? So . instead…or alternatively..
try snes9x which has a nice cia format file to launch properly from the  frontend (like a real eshop title) and works pretty well and fast even on old 3DS/XL  so this version is my daily emulator for snes until blargsnes updates with better features speed etc



useful for running different region  games/cias



lumalocale changer 0.2



  • https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/wiki/Dumping-Game-Cartridges
  • 3d sega collection error doesnt save to sd card  error? try :
    Enable region emulation in Luma settings. Use the Luma Locale Switcher homebrew, or make the text file manually as per Luna’s instructions, to set usa copy of Sega 3D Classics Collection to region USA & language EN. That’ll fix the error.

or manually :

  • Enable region/language emulation and external .code: Enables the following two features:
    • The region/language emulation feature allows some games which need a specific language to be set to work, and DLCs for foreign games to load. To use it:
      • Create a folder named locales inside luma.
      • Create a .txt file with game’s title id as the name (look them up on www.3dsdb.com).
      • Inside the file,
        • Put 3 characters for the region (“JPN”, “USA”, “EUR”, “AUS”, “CHN”, “KOR”, “TWN”).
        • Put an empty space.
        • Put 2 characters for the language (“JP”, “EN”, “FR”, “DE”, “IT”, “ES”, “ZH”, “KO”, “NL”, “PT”, “RU”, “TW”).
      • For example, to play Pokémon™ Y in Japanese language and region:
        • Create 0004000000055E00.txt.
        • Put in JPN JP.
        • Save.
    • The external .code feature allows you to use patched binaries for games. To use it:
      • Create a folder named code_sections inside luma.
      • Obtain a patched code.bin for the game, and rename it with game’s title id as the file name (look them up on www.3dsdb.com).
      • For example, to use a patched binary with Pokémon™ Y, rename it to 0004000000055E00.bin.
  • example i wanna play the usa 3d sega collection on my eur/uk 3ds xl i type the region of the game and what language  USA EN  with the 3ds off hold select and power on in the luma menu select


For those who stuck at the 3DS screen with import title?

use the latest FBI to install, go to titles, the game and import the seed! poochy nto workings etc

  • A seed is what is used to decrypt the second layer of encryption on many newer 9.6+ titles.
  • Tickets cannot be downloaded, nor will I be implementing a fake ticket generator for various reasons.


AKAIO aki2 flash cart on 3ds tips black screen error?

maybe you havent updated the ak2i firmware yet? the one that works looks like this with pippa horse game for an icon

(another reason its nice to have decrypt9 as it supports akaio!)


firmware update (useful to get it working on 3ds|xl   ) http://r4town.com/pages/acekard-2i-kernel.html

Ak2ifw Update 3ds43 Dsi144
Ak2ifw Update 3ds43 Dsi144
2.7 MiB



3ds retro emulators Tips:


cps2 neog retro arch buildbot link you can get them here and try them out mostly good for new 3ds models only …old 3ds cant really cope with these.,


blargsnes [snes emu] is the only one worth using on an old 3DS/XL runs most games smoothly/fullspeed

updates for blargsnes shown here http://4dsdev.org/thread.php?id=5

try snes9x which has a nice cia format file to launch properly from the  frontend (like a real eshop title) and works pretty well and fast even on old 3DS/XL  so this version is my daily emulator for snes until blargsnes updates with better features speed etc 

windows /pc Citra 3DS emulator :Tips

(setup user files;some not all for example super mario3dland where default files arent already available to the emulator -mario wont start as theres no userdata ,so to kick start the game lets grab your own from your 3ds)

  • A 3DS with Homebrew Launcher access
  • The 3dsutils homebrew app^
  • An SD card reader or a way to wirelessly transfer files between the 3DS console and a computer

^ There is no official precompiled version of this app, but an unofficial build can be downloaded here. Alternatively, you can install devkitPro and compile it yourself.

via faq on citra’ page
: Instructions

  1. Run 3dsutils via the homebrew launcher.
  2. Press A when prompted to begin. First the shared font is dumped. Wait for the process to finish and press A again when prompted. The system archives will be dumped. Wait for the process to finish, then press A when prompted to be taken back to the homebrew launcher.
  3. There will now be a 3dsutils folder at the root of the 3DS’s SD card. Inside that folder are two more folders, nand and sysdata. Transfer these folders to the User Directory. The folders will merge with the existing nand and sysdata folders contained therein. If prompted to overwrite any files, say yes.There is no official precompiled version of this app, but an unofficial build can be downloaded here(place inside your sd where your other homebrew apps live- usually the 3ds folder on root. Alternatively, you can install devkitPro and compile it yourself.


C Prefix: C-Stick
D Prefix: D-Pad


sd card cloning /resizing

i have a 16 gb luma/cfw sd card setup running well and now i want to upgrade to a new 32g6/64gb sd card ?is it doable? YES do i just copy paste..NO

we need to image exactly the sd card used by the luma/3ds  to a new card but it will make the new sd card 16gb again as its a exact mirror image- but the 32gb has lots of room hidden how to access it?o we use a partition program to resize or extend the current data [16gb] partition into the hidden empty area thereby making full use of card which the 3ds can see! we stick to fat32 (not ext or ntfs) at all times and i hear people have had success up to 128 gb (maybe more who knows?)

grab these first:

  • win32diskimager (to image the sd to another /or file for backup i use this method this for my rasperberry images also ))
  • minitools partition wizard  its free version is all you need to resize the target so that  your 3ds can see all of the new 32gb sdcard
  • 5 mins


  • use win32disk to ‘read’ (or save the source ) from the 16gb sd card to a file we can backup for future use and write back to the new bigger card right away..
    select the correct drive letter (topright) then browse/ find a folder to save to and type a memorable title for your source sd image and then  hit read -wait a while..
  • when its finished dont close the app we need it still…

once thats done load /swap out your new bigger sd card (mine is 32gb ) into your card reader with the app still open you now just hit write..(the drive letter & file name/path should have not changed so its good to go)

wait a while and when its done we now go into mini-partition-wizard to make it resize from 16gb to 32gb as the target card shouldve been.

In minitool wizard find the sd card among your harddrive list and right click on the horizontal bar (showing the size of the sd card) and choose ‘resize’ …you should get another uipopup and you basically just grab the right side bar line[ coloured bar ]and drag it across to the right to fill into the grey unused area therefore making full use of the 32gb!

click apply.. thats it once its finished place it back into your 3ds et voila!

now you have a backup on your pc and ability to clone more sd cards in case one fails..

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