[Tutorial] Moving your installed titles from RedNAND

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This isn’t anything new, just a reminder that it’s fairly simple to actually migrate to SysNAND from RedNAND. Many poor souls still trapped in RedNAND setups, killing their SD card’s life cycle. These old users were told that RedNAND was the wae, and that they had to go out and buy a 64 GB SD card (16 GB if they had 8 GB Wiiu’s). Users usually complain about paying $7 for haxchi, but wow these users had to buy haxchi AND pay for a big SD card! After many months these users have no idea what’s going on anymore and end up in sticky situations. RedNAND usually causes more problems than actually being beneficial. Today most users rely on SysNAND alone where it’s completely safe and reliable to run homebrew and backups. So essentially RedNAND was a big waste of time. Fortunately it’s pretty easy to migrate from RedNAND to SysNAND. I’ll explain briefly how this process is done rather than give an elaborate step by step guide.


1) Boot into RedNAND as you usually do, using Mocha. Or Haxchi > Mocha

2) In RedNAND, move ALL installed games from the system storage to a USB storage that’s formatted by your system. Your USB is shared between SysNAND and RedNAND since it’s technically the same Wiiu console. However, the game’s tickets are stuck on RedNAND which are needed to boot the games. So you’ll need to move the tickets over to SysNAND with the steps below. After this, your games should appear in SysNAND and be playable without the need to boot into RedNAND in which you can forget about using it anymore.

3) Now run Homerbew Launcher via Haxchi in RedNAND

4) Run Ftpiiu Everywhere <– Download

5) Connect to your Wiiu using an FTP client on your PC such as WinSCP or Filezilla

6) Browse to storage_SLC/rights/ticket/ and you’ll find two folders called sys and apps. Copy both of these to your computer

7) Browse to your SD card and go to wiiu/apps/mocha and delete the config.ini file so that it will no longer autoboot into RedNAND

8) Now you can turn off your wiiu. Boot up your wiiu but do not boot into RedNAND.

Note: If you were using Coldboot Haxchi, you should uninstall it at this point just in case something goes wrong with its ticket and no longer functions after. All you have to do is run the CBHC installer and press B. You can use the “Do Not Touch Me” icon to get into homebrew launcher for the steps below.


9) Now that you’re on SysNAND, boot Haxchi for Homebrew Launcher then launch Mocha and press A after. You should now have Mocha CFW enabled over SysNAND which is needed for the upcoming step

10) Run Mii Maker to get into Homebrew Launcher again (Since the exploit is still active from running HBL before)

11) Run Ftpiiu Everywhere and connect to your Wiiu with your FTP Client like before

12) Browse to storage_SLC/rights/ticket/ and copy both your sys and app folders that you downloaded earlier to this directory. You’ll want to replace these files with the ones you got from RedNAND. EDIT: It helps to copy each indivisual file one by one, otherwise it wouldn’t copy properly if you copy everything at once. Confirmed by some users who succeeded with the process.

13) Now that you have your tickets moved over to SysNAND, your games should work now without booting into RedNAND. Now all you have to simply do is not boot into RedNAND and that concludes the migration process!


Feel free to move games to system storage if needed. If you don’t have a big enough USB device, you can possibly move games little by little and repeating the process of moving games to USB then moving them to SysNAND’s storage. The last thing you can do if you want is to merge the partitions on your SD card into one, getting rid of RedNAND from your SD card and freeing up 32 GB/8GB of space. You can also extract your NAND backup straight from your SD card before formatting it.

Thanks to my friend Flump on Discord who taught me about retrieving and importing the tickets from RedNAND to SysNAND. It wouldn’t otherwise be possible to migrate anything to SysNAND. Now that its figured out, we have a for sure way of migrating. It’s even easier if you’ve already had your games installed to USB. I hope this helps anyone who wants to undo their RedNAND mistake and wants the more standard SysNAND setup.

[Tutorial] Moving your installed titles from RedNAND to SysNAND from WiiUHacks


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