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emuparadise on google will get you some roms apprantly

prerequisite :

I used an sd image of kodi/recalbox rejigged by

(grab the dual boot versions from this link)

As it combines both kodi and takes the hassle away ..i know your thinking “yeah thats what recalbox is already isnt it ?”.. but..!  what I really wanted was them both separated partitions so that kodi can self update and recalbox can update without ruining kodi or vice versa .. so I use his libreelec (openelec offshoot version?) + recalbox sd image combo for rpi2  (soon to be rpi3 when it delivers yay) which does this really well both still function like they the official recalbox image (kodi launches recalbox and recalbox can launch kodi too) kodi even launches moonlight (nvidia streaming from pc !) . His versions save not only time but you know you can get rpi 1 2 and 3 version (inc pi zero) so I can recommend using these as it works with no fuss!

In the time it takes to watch episode of rick and mortyrick-and-morty youll get a few more games setup and get swhifty with retro gaming without the help of strange green knob head aliens

General setting up

  • SSH
    Connect through ssh to the recalbox, with the following credentials : hostname (recalbox) or ip, “root” as login and “recalboxroot” as password. You can use a terminal from a Mac,MobaXTerm or Putty on windows, or a linux Shell.
    Type : ssh [email protected]_recalbox_ip
  • Direct access
    On the frontend screen, press F4 to quit, then ALT+F2 to get a terminal and use the same credentials as above.

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if you prefer to auto boot to recalbox instead of kodi(libreelec etc) i changed the autoboot.txt to number 6
open the sd card in windows/mac should have inside a file called autoboot.txt open that in notepad type app and edit it like so :

boot_partition=6        (for recalbox)

boot_partition=9        (for kodi)






use the ip address in windows explorer (your folders window path bar) shows you the folder shares mine for example   is       \\   add your roms check the bios/config files etc ..

alternatively .. if that sounds tricky…

inside a browser if you  type it like this without the backslashes     will instead give you a management front-end to add bios files /roms and change the config file for recalbox system items like enabling controllers[ ps3 or xbox] changing hdmi modes and wifi keys SSIDs ,beta or stable updates in an easy[ no-linux needed] manner.
recalbox WEB prefer to save my hard work of setting up roms etc by using the  option of using an external usb/drive ( now working well as of recalbox v4)  this way you can copy paste in windows your files and not have to be slowed down by the rpi or network speeds..

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also this way you can backup easily top another backup usb stick or passport drive – no linux needed..(only for the microsd os itself..then youll need a windows running linux or linux pc  ;more about this down below )

How to scrape images/info from pc quicker than recalbox 

Grab this:


Amazing Spider-Man - Lethal Foes-image

in windows 10 i have trouble killing the emulationstation service (prob dont have the file or firewall stopping it ) using the inbuilt option in uniscraper, so…

Clock Tower-imageI did it directly in recalbox with F4 on keyboard then when the screen is blank  you can  pick your desired system and start the scrape…
You have 3box image or standard box art modes.(choose in the menus),which is great as recalbox doesnt give you a choice and did i mention its dead slow at doing it.But remember the fancy 3 box pic thumbnails will be larger png files than those box art only ones make sure your drive/usb stick is large enough before you scrape

Once Finished, do not forget to restart emulationstation by executing the following command /etc/init.d/S31emulationstation start.



vmplayer + Debian is useful for accessing the sd card with the linux partitions


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