switch homebrew is a go go on latest firmware

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[Tutorial] Moving your installed titles from RedNAND

reposted here  incase its gone from reddit….. This isn’t anything new, just a reminder that it’s fairly simple to actually migrate to SysNAND from RedNAND. Many poor souls still trapped in RedNAND setups, killing their SD card’s life cycle. These old users were told that RedNAND was the wae, and…

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some mixes for you

slowly transfering them to mixcloud as soundcloud and ‘universal copyright claims ruined my acount !


3ds XL luma/a9lh Custom firmware tips

  some tips and help on the page here

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NESmini classic add more games hack

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My custom designed rick and morty xbox one controller

My first try and drawing Rick Sanchez!on a xbox one pad…click pic to go see the results20161113_193623

Man vs Snake the twisted tale of nibbler is out now!

manvssnake.com has all the streaming links there or just search for man vs snake on Netflix!

mvsdvd2 mvsdvd1 unnamed

recalbox + kodi setup

RECALBOX v4 + KODI   http://www.recalbox.com/ emuparadise on google will get you some roms apprantly prerequisite : I used an sd image of kodi/recalbox rejigged by http://www.matthuisman.nz/2016/04/libreelec-kodi-downloads-noobs.html (grab the dual boot versions from this link) As it combines both kodi and recalbox..it takes the hassle away ..i know your thinking “yeah…

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